This is where Yum resides and starts from in Jollibee's Phase 1. In his minigame, you have to fix a blown fuse.




In this minigame, you have to unscrew the black fuses and replace them with red fuses. However, Yum is in the same room as the player, and he must be dealt with or else he will kill the player. When you start off in the minigame, you will be facing Yum. You can change where you are facing by pressing S, and you can switch between facing Yum and the fuse control panel. In order to win the minigame, you must replace all of the fuses with red ones. In order to unscrew the black fuses, you must click and hold on a black fuse until it is out of its socket. Then, you must click on a red fuse and click on an empty spot where a black fuse previously was. To ward off Yum, you have to shine your flashlight in his face for 2-3 seconds. He will either be on the left, middle, or right side of the player. Once the player replaces all of the black fuses with red ones, the minigame will end.