Yum was an antagonist in the removed games Jollibee's and Jollibee's: Phase 2, and was also an animatronic based on the mascot of the actual restaurant Jollibee. Yum represented the YUM! burgers in the restaurant.

He was going to return in Jollibee's As Above So Below, before it was cancelled.


Phase 1

Yum is an animatronic human man with black hair, black triangular eyebrows, small eyes that are far apart, and a slightly large nose and mouth. He wears orange translucent goggles, and a hat that resembles a YUM! burger. He also wears a purple, blue and orange shirt with his name on it, several belts on his left arm, and a tool belt on his waist. He also wears dark green trousers and gray shoes.

Phase 2

Yum looks like his real life counterpart, but his logo on his shirt appears to be faded away, and his shades have a crack on them.

Behavior (Phase 1)

Yum activates on Night 1 and uses the vents to get in your office. He starts in Yum's Party Room by going to the Party Hallway just outside his party room, to the Supply Closet, and then to Cam 13 on top of that room. The player must seal the vent once he is inside it and Yum will be rebooted and will return to his party room, but if they fail to do so, they must flash the light at him when he's in the vent in the office.

In the Night 1 minigame, the player must replace the blown fuses in his party room. Yum will attack in three directions and the player must flash the light to the direction in which Yum is in to prompt him to return to his stage. Popo also has this behavior, but not including the lights.

Behavior (Phase 2)

Yum will roam around the LBM Shipments Warehouse starting on Night 2. He can be tracked by the motion detector. The player can keep him away from the office by playing audio in another room to lure him away, or by hacking his systems and making him go to another room. He has the exact same mechanic as Popo, in which when he gets to the Office window, the player must hold their flashlight in his face to make him go away. If the player doesn't do it on time, Yum will sneak into the office, and kill the player the next time they open the Work Station Panel on the left.

In the Box Checking job, he's the animatronic that will approach the player from behind. He'll appear on the left, middle, or the right, peaking behind some boxes. The player must hold their light on him to make him leave. Occasionally, when the player turns around, he'll be breathing on them. When the player hears his breathing, they must hold their breath, and not shine their light. He'll then go away after a few seconds. If the player shines their light on him when he's breathing, or if they completely ignore him, Yum will kill the night guard.


Description Audio
Yum's jumpscare sound in Jollibee's, shared with the other mascots.
Yum's jumpscare sound in Phase 2, shared with the other mascots.


  • Sometimes, in the extras menu or when he is in the vents, he doesn't have his tinted shades/glasses.
  • In Phase 1, he doesn't have a mouth like the other characters(except for Jollibee).
  • He is the only animatronic with eyebrows in Phase 1.
  • His glasses are clearly removable.
  • He and Popo have the exact same mechanic in Phase 2.
  • In Phase 1 and Phase 2, he takes off his glasses during his jumpscare. In Phase 2, he takes them off super fast, so it would be easy to miss.
  • He's actually Twirlie's brother in real life.
  • Yum was the very first mascot of Jollibee's, before Jollibee himself was thought of.


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