Let's fly together!
— One of Tweetie's lines from Night 1.

Withered Tweetie is one of the many antagonists that appear in Jolly 3: Chapter 1. She is a withered, unfinished version of the original Tweetie. She is hostile at night and will actively try to kill the player.


Withered Tweetie appears to hardly resemble the original Tweetie model from the original Jolly, except she is now withered (mostly on her arms and legs) and lacks faceplates. She is now noticeably missing her beak as well as the feathers on top of her head. She has a big rip next to her left eye, and her torso is covered in what appears to be dents, along with yellow glowing eyes. There is what could be rot on her body as her color is now brown instead of blue.


She starts at Testing Chamber 1, which is in your left next to your office and can be seen if the light is active. She will move towards your office and will move to the hallways on the left side, Octagon Junction, and the Front Hall. You must activate the gas to repel her as soon as she appears in front of you. After surviving Night 1, the player will proceed to Testing Chamber 1. You will have to deactivate a security system with your phone following Theo's instructions. Be careful with using the phone as Tweetie is in the room with you and will attack if ignored. You can repel her by flashing her with your light.




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I see you!

Let's fly through the sky together!

Don't be shy.

Flap your wings and fly!

Come out and soar your wings!

Come out of that nest!

Let's fly together!

A bird can't fly on its own...

Staying in that nest for too long...

Is gone.



Description Audio
Withered Tweetie's jumpscare sound. This is shared with the rest of the Withered animatronics in Jolly 3: Chapter 1.

Warning loud