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Come on out little man!
— One of his game over quotes.

Withered George is a character from Jolly 3. He is a withered version of Classic George. He's an antagonist in Chapter 1, and the secondary antagonist of Chapter 2.


Withered George is an orange humanoid animatronic cat. His appearance is the same as Classic George from Jolly 2. However, he is damaged. He is missing the suit covering on his left ear, and his torso. He has several rips on his arms, legs and head. His jaw appears to be broken. In his Chapter 2 appearance, his jaw seems to not appear as broken as in Chapter 1. 


Chapter 1

George starts moving on Night 2. He starts in the Storage Room with Withered Jolly and goes through in this order: Assembly Line-Assembly Control Room-Assembly Line Hallway-Octagon Junction-Front Hallway. Before he goes into the Office, the player must use the gas lever so he will leave, but if they fail to do this, Withered George will jumpscare the player, ending the night.

Chapter 2

George returns in Chapter 2. He, along with Withered Jolly, will be hunting the player during the Main Night phase of the game.

Starting on Night 1, George will start in CAM 13, and he goes through the facility in this order: CAM 13, CAM 14, CAM 12, CAM 6, CAM 4, CAM 5, CAM 4, and CAM 6. Once he's in CAM 5, he will break the A/C, so the player has to be ready to fix it. After that, he will go back to CAM 6, and appear in the right door. The player will know when he's at the right door, as his eyes will glow in the blind spot. Once he's at the right door, the player must quickly initiate the Jammer, and this will send George all the way back to CAM 13. If they fail to do this, Withered George will jumpscare the player, ending the night.


  • He is the only counterpart of George to speak.
    • He appears to have a surfer dude accent.
    • His voice actor, Hatmaster77, says he doesn't like the voice he did for George.
  • In Chapter 1, it seems that he hangs off the gas pipe in the office during his jumpscare, as there is no reason why he'd be dropping to the floor.
  • He is the only character in Jolly 3 to not change in Chapter 2, with only his jaw being an extremely minor tweak.


Description Audio
Withered George's jumpscare sound. This is shared with the rest of the withered animatronics in Jolly 3: Chapter 1.
Withered George's jumpscare sound in Chapter 2.


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