Twirlie was an antagonist in the removed games Jollibee's and Jollibee's: Phase 2. She was the mascot of the Jollibee dessert menu and was a friend of Hetty before she broke down.

She was going to return as an antagonist in Jollibee's As Above So Below, before it was cancelled.


Phase 1

Twirlie is a girl with part blond and part brown hair, with a headband with a star. Her hair represents a large ice cream swirl. She also has brown eyes. She wears a pink shirt with white swirls, and a blue jacket with three buttons and a pink skirt. She wears purple leggings and pink boots. She also has white pearl earrings.

Phase 2

Twirlie now looks like her real life variant, but in animatronic form. Her right eye is closed/broken/unable to move and glow its eye red.

Behavior (Phase 1)

"Twirlie will come from her stage and onto your door. Turn the lights off to make her go away." ~ character hints

Beginning on Night 1, Twirlie acts similar to Jollibee. She starts off from her stage, and will take either two routes: Either the long way, which is going to the Lobby, then Kitchen B, then Kitchen A, and finally the Front Hallway, or she can go straight to Kitchen A, and then the Front Hallway. After the Hallway, she will appear in in the Office Doorway, where the player can see a bit of her face. Turning off the lights will send her back to her stage. Failure to do so will result in her getting in and jumpscaring the player, which ends the night. In the Night 2 minigame, the player must hide under the table when Twirlie gets off the stage. She will look under the table once they hide. When she tries to find them from there, the player must avoid her eye contact. Twirlie will attack more often as the minigame progresses.

Behavior (Phase 2)

Starting on Night 3, Twirlie and Hetty will start moving in the LBM Shipments Inc Warehouse along with Popo and Yum. The player can track her and the others with the Motion Detector, and view them on the Cameras. The player can keep her away from the office by playing Audio in other rooms to lure her away, or by hacking her system to make her go to another area. Once she gets to the Office Window, the player must hide under the desk. She will go into the office, and peek under the table. Just like her minigame in Jollibee's, the player must avoid her stare, and she'll eventually get herself back up, and leave the office. If Twirlie stares at the player for too long, or if they come out of the desk as she is staring, Twirlie will seemingly leave, but will kill the player the next time they use the Work Station Panel.

In the Printing Job, Twirlie is the animatronic coming from behind the player. She'll approach from the middle, right, or left side. When she's in the left side, she'll be hiding behind a printer, but is easy to spot. The player must shine their light on her to make her go away. Occasionally, she'll breathe on the player the next time they look behind, so the player must hold their breath, and she'll eventually leave. If the player flashes their light on her when she's breathing, or if they completely ignore her, Twirlie will kill them.

Custom Night

The higher her A.I. is set, the more aggressive she gets.

Endless Mode

The longer you survive, the more aggressive she gets. ​​​​​​ ​​​​​​


Description Audio
Twirlie's jumpscare sound in Jollibee's, shared with the other mascots.

Warning loud


  • Twirlie doesn't have her name on her belt in Phase 1, but she does in Jollibee's Phase 2
  • If you look closely in the main menu of Jollibee's, Twirlie doesn't have stripes on her shirt. She also doesn't have stripes on her shirt in Jollibee's Phase 2.
  • Like Jollibee, her eyes turn red when she is at the door.
  • Like Popo and Jollibee, she forces you to look at the stage when you are turned around for too long.
  • In Phase 1, when her eyes light up in the minigame, especially when she is on the stage when the player avoided her under the desk, she appears to be angry, making her the only animatronic seen to show "facial expressions" in the game.
  • Due to her ice cream hair, Twirlie is the tallest animatronic in Jollibee's.
  • She's actually Yum's sister in real life.
  • In Jollibee's Phase 2, she will be shined by the light when you check the window. When it said that there was no evidence whether or not she doesn't like the light, that wasn't true, because in Phase 2, she doesn't break the glass and kill you when you shine the light the way Popo would've done if his systems weren't fixed. So, this proves that she is not aggressive to lights.