Tweetie's Game is a 3D minigame that happens after beating Night 1 in Jolly 3: Chapter 1. The player will go to Testing Room 1 over on the left side of the building to find a password protected safe. This safe is hidden on one of the shelves, but is easy to spot.


It's a room full with shelves filled with TV monitors, cardboard boxes, plungers and safes. there are a few small pipes going around the roof and walls, and a large pipe in the bottom right-hand corner.


This room was used to test Tweetie before the facility was abandoned.

How to play

After triggering the security system, Tweetie activates and Theo can't find the safe's port number (the key needed to open it). He sends the player a program on their phone, where they have to guide a pulse from the entrance door (green) to the exit door (red). To direct the pulse, click one of the squares on the grid, this will add an arrow to it. To change the arrow's direction, click it again until it is in the desired direction. Repeat this until the arrows go to the exit door. NOTE: The arrow on the exit door should be facing the opposite way of the arrows coming towards it.

However, Tweetie will come closer and closer the longer the phone is up. To make her retreat, put the phone down and flash the light at her. However, be patient, flash after 5 seconds, or Tweetie will approach closer as this counts as flashing her "too much". If Tweetie is in her 4th pose and beyond, the player will need to flash more than one time (take a 5 second break between flashes).

The safe in this room contains a book, which can be read by clicking its icon on the title screen. It explains the behavior of the Metal Animatronics.