Were you looking for Withered Tweetie or Shadow Tweetie...
...or possibly the similarly named Twirlie?

Tweetie the Bird, or simply Tweetie, is one of the five antagonists that appear in Jolly to hunt and kill the nightgaurd (Mikhail Schmidt) and she is one of the main mascots of Jolly's Fantasy World entertaining on stage with Jolly the Bee.

She was also originally planned to make her 4-year return in Jollibee's: As Above So Below, before its cancellation.


Tweetie is a tall, sky blue humanoid animatronic bird. She wears a black bowtie, with three white buttons below it on her chest, along with white shoes and skinny blue hands. She has feathers on the back of her arms and the top of her head, along with a bright yellow beak. Her torso appears to be pretty large and has white stripes on it. She also has lines across her face, dividing it into three segments/faceplates, similar to the animatronics from Five Nights at Freddy's: Sister Location.

In Jolly: Remastered sketches, her face appears to be skinner, and her torso not as large. She also has a much creepier design.




Tweetie was a animatronic built by Jolly Entertainment, meant to entertain customers while they ate pizza.

She was being built and tested at the Jolly Factory, before it shut down due to the Antonette Explosion. Tweetie was left there, rotting and abandoned, as Withered Tweetie. But some time after the events of Jolly 3, Tweetie was found, rebuilt, and placed in Jolly's Fantasy World.

It is revealed that Tweetie was built so it could capture kids as part of a ‘Soul Captivation Project’ however she was later destroyed.


Description Audio
Tweetie's jumpscare sound. This is shared with the rest of the animatronics in Jolly.

Warning loud


  • She slightly resembles the "Twitter Bird", and may come across as the Jolly counterpart for Chica.
    • There existed an actual Jollibee chicken mascot from 1984 to the early 2000s with the name of Miss Chickee.
  • Tweetie’s color changes when she enters the elevator. It is unknown why.
  • Her name resembles Tweety from Looney Tunes. 
  • Tweetie's name is very similar to Twirlie.
  • Her plushie appears as a purchasable decoration in Jollibee's: Phase 2.
  • She, like the other animatronics from the game is currently destroyed as revealed at the end of the game, which explains why she, alongside the other animatronics, don't appear in LBM Shipments Inc Warehouse in Jollibee's: Phase 2.
  • There was a picture of Tweetie presumably posted before the first game, which looks the same as the current model, but without faceplates. The faceplates were added due to the Sister Location hype at the time.
  • There was a picture of a scrapped "Golden Tweetie". It is unknown what this version of Tweetie is supposed to be, as it was never mentioned by anyone, but the design may have inspired Withered Tweetie. It is also unknown if the design was made before Jolly the Bee or after.
  • Tweetie has had two jumpscares. The first one was the jumpscare in the demo with the endoskeleton head absent and the faceplates opening, and the second one is the current one with the face open and the endoskeleton head being visible.
  • Tweetie's model may have been based on Jolly's model, albeit with a modified torso shape and different head.
  • Her model looks a lot different in art for the canceled version of Jolly Remastered.