Theo is a protagonist that helps the protagonist and calls you during in-game. He works for Fazbear's Fright and is trying to gather artifacts from abandoned establishments/pizzerias starting with the Jolly establishment. He works to achieve the goal with the protagonist who is not named.


He appears in Jolly 3: Chapter 1 and Jolly 3: Chapter 2. Nothing is known about Theo's appearance as he is not shown up in-game.


It is very unclear about Theo's true intentions, but he has some features. In Night 5 he appears to be selfish and doesn't care about The Protagonist well-being, just that he is alive and around. He also seems to think that everything is simple in Night 2. In Jolly 3: Chapter 2 in Night 5 he appears to be serious as the oxygen level is low.  Given this, it can be assumed that Theo has no clear personality, and rather has mood swings, a serious nature, and maybe even a slight bit of Split Personality Disorder, although there are emotions that are common and present.


  • Fear
  • Concern
  • Confusion
  • Humor
  • Intrigue
  • Frustration


  • He is kinda similar to Hand-unit from FNAF Sister Location.
  • He seems to show intrigue towards Maxie, hinting that either he is surprised about Maxie, or he has seen her before.
  • He never mentions the animatronics by name.

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