Theo, nicknamed as Phone Guy in the credits, is essentially the deuteragonist that helps the protagonist and calls them during in-game in Jolly 3: Chapter 1 and Jolly 3: Chapter 2. He works for Fazbear's Fright and is trying to gather artifacts from abandoned establishments/pizzerias starting with the Jolly establishment. He works to achieve the goal with the protagonist as he accompanies him via call during his nights in the Jolly Factory.


Not much is known about Theo's physical appearance, as his voice is always heard by phone. However, it could be assumed that he is a young adult.


Theo appears to be chill, clever, serious, and talkative, but also careless. Although in the second chapter, he learns his lesson and now warns the protagonist about their incoming danger, as specified by him warning the protagonist about Withered Jolly being at the left door.

He is best buddies with the protagonist, and is very specific onto telling them the basics of the equipment in the Jolly Factory. Although, he sometimes does not warn them about the dangers they're going to face, such as the quote: "I knew there was an active animatronic hidden in the hall and I didn't warn you. And I'm sorry for that. I thought you'd pussy out, you know?"

Theo has some sort of pride to himself, as he upsettingly mentions what would the public think about the protagonist only finding drawings and cassette tapes. It could be assumed that he always imagines onto getting fame, and he's desperate onto helping Fazbear's Fright get finished and open up, which is the reason why he is accompanying the protagonist in the first place.

He also appears to be smart with technology, since he has the ability to hack into safes and telling the protagonist on how the equipment works, such as the maintenance screen, gas supply, and fans.


  • He is kind of similar to Hand-unit from Five Nightys at Freddy's: Sister Location.
  • He seems to show intrigue towards Maxie, hinting that either he is surprised about Maxie, or he has seen her before.
  • He never mentions the Jolly animatronics by name.