The Protagonist is well the protagonist of Jolly 3: Chapter 1 and Jolly 3: Chapter 2. He's a Fazbear Fright's staff member but also working as an investigator privately. In Jolly 3: Chapter 1, he has to take artifacts from the Jolly Factory back to Fazbear's Fright but he's unsuccessful with the mission finding a book, some drawings and cassette tapes. This leads to Jolly 3: Chapter 2. In Jolly 3: Chapter 2 he now has two new jobs: download data from the server of the Jolly Entertainment Underground Facility for his boss, an investigator that works for, and to obtain the magnetic card to access the Cargo Hold (where Theo has detected the presence of an animatronic) by completing a five-day test as a security guard. In the end, after surviving 5 nights against the animatronics, he accomplishes both of his missions gathering many information of what happened to the Jolly Entertainment Underground Facility and what happened to the employees working there while also locating Springtrap in the Cargo Hold which he brings back to Fazbear's Fright finishing The Protagonist's story.


  • In Jolly 3: Chapter 2, it's revealed The Protagonist did the night shift on the ship that transported the animatronics from Jolly's on the 06/27/1985, therefore being the possibility of him being Mathew Thompson.
  • Even after all the dangers he's been through he still presses on until he completes his missions.

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