Tal Goodtime will be an upcoming antagonist in Jolly 4.


Tal Goodtime is a tall, lanky puppet-like animatronic with slender arms, long skinny fingers, and lanky legs, along with a torso with a yellow shirt with white buttons, black tux, and a large yellow bowtie. His face is split down the middle and has a wide open, smiling mouth with yellow lips, olive cheeks, yellow around his eyes, thick black eyebrows, and olive irises on his eyes.


  • Tal Goodtime is confirmed to be male by Weshek.
  • He is confirmed to be 8 feet tall.
  • It is possible that he is a Goodtime counterpart of Antonette.
    • Similarly, both Antonette and Tal Goodtime are both puppet-based animatronics and are the fifth character in their respective games.
    • Another way to point this out is by looking at Antonette's original name, Metalionette, in which "Tal" is contained in the name.
  • His appearance is pretty similar to Marionette from the Five Nights at Freddy's games.
  • Tal is the only animatronic so far that has no previous versions.
  • Tal Goodtime actually has long legs, but cannot be seen well due to the lower legs kneeling.