Springtrap makes his debut appearance in the JOLLY series at the ending of Jolly 3: Chapter 2, only appearing in the Cargo Hold and the Extras Menu. He is from the FNAF franchise, just like Freddy, Bonnie, Chica, and Foxy


Springtrap is from FNAF 3, looking a bit more brightly-colored than the original counterpart. His design has some minor changes as well. 


Springtrap never attacks the player and only appears in the bad ending for a few seconds in the Cargo Hold cutscene, slumped over next to a few crates after the lights shine on him. Immediately following his appearance, the credits roll.


  • His appearance lines up with the events of FNAF3, as the investigator was hired to search the Jolly Factory and the Jolly Entertainment Underground Facility for anything that could be salvaged and used in the soon to be opened Fazbear's Fright. 
  • In the normal fnaf universe he was found behind a wall but in this universe he was found in Jolly Entertainment Underground Facility. The reason is not mentioned. 
  • Springtrap also appears in the JOLLY 4 announcement trailer for a few seconds, then the Jolly Entertainment Underground Facility collapses and shortly thereafter, reveals the number 4.