Hiding won’t solve everything, you know.
— -One of Shadow Maxie’s many quotes.

Shadow Maxie is an antagonist in Jolly 3: Chapter 2. She is clearly a ghostly version of Withered Maxie from Chapter 1. It is currently unknown, what happened for her to be like this way, but the most likely explanation is that The Protagonist is having hallucinations of her from his experience aboveground.


Shadow Maxie looks highly similar to Withered Maxie, except that she is a darkish purple color, and has a burnt texture like the Metal Animatronics from Chapter 1, as well as a much more black color.


Shadow Maxie becomes active on Night 2, and she will start appearing in a random camera. If you see her, quickly switch to another camera, or quickly put down the camera. Otherwise, she will appear in your face and stun you for a few seconds before leaving, similar to Phantom Puppet's behavior from Five Nights at Freddy's 3, putting you at HIGH risk for Withered George or Withered Jolly to enter and kill you.


Quote Audio
Lets get this party started
Think of all the fun things we could do
Oh look a new guest
Lets play we could have so much fun together
Lets play a game
Hiding wont solve everything you know
Dont you wanna join us
Come with us its gonna be a blast
Arent you gonna join in on the fun


Description Audio
The sound Shadow Maxie plays when in your office. This sound is also used for the Metal Foxy jumpscare and is the game end sound in both Chapterr 1 and Chapter 2
(Screen Shot 2021-01-19 at 1.32.19 PM.png WARNING: LOUD)


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