Rusty Bonnie is an antagonist in Jolly 3: Chapter 2.


Rusty Bonnie resembles his Nightmare counterpart from FNaF 4, being withered in most areas of his suit with his hands and feet having their endoskeleton exposed. He also has a large rip in the middle of his chest and sports sharp teeth and bright yellow eyes, similar to the phantoms in FNaF 3.


Rusty Bonnie becomes active in the Post-Shift Decryption Minigame after Night 1. He approaches from the left door, where he will unlock the door. If the door is unlocked after hearing the sound cue, check for breathing. If you hear breathing, you must flash your light at him and then lock the door. If you do not hear breathing, do not flash and simply lock the door.


Description Audio
Rusty Bonnie's jumpscare sound, shared with the other Jolly 3: Chapter II animatronics.


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