Popo was one of the antagonists in the removed games Jollibee's and Jollibee's: Phase 2. He was the mascot for the fries of the restaurant and resided in Popo's Playroom.

He was set to return as an antagonist in Jollibee's As Above So Below, before its cancellation.


Phase 1

Popo is a animatronic humanoid male with blonde hair that resembles french fries, and a red cap with hollow blue on it. His eyes are small and far apart, but not as small as Hetty's. He wears a red shirt and shoes, as well as a blue sweater and trousers. If one looks closely, they can see an eyebrow above Popo's left eye.

Phase 2

Popo now looks a lot more like his real life counterpart, as his eyebrows are more visible and he now has stripes on his sweater. The only difference is that he looks like an animatronic.


Jollibee's: Phase 1

Popo activates on Night 2. He starts in his play room, and will leave to the Party Hallway, and will get into one of the vents. By sealing that vent, Popo will get out of there and go back to his room, repeating his cycle. If the vent is left open, Popo will appear in the left vent of the office, making crawling noises in there, similar to Yum. However, unlike Yum, the player must NOT shine the flashlight at him, because as the Phone Guy explains, he becomes VERY aggressive when a light is being shun on him. Because of this, the player must simply ignore him, and he'll eventually retreat. If the player shines their light on him when he's in the left vent, Popo will INSTANTLY kill the player, ending the night. In his minigame, you will have to fix the monkey bars in his room. While you're fixing it, he will move to either the left, middle, or in front of you. Drag the cleaning cart in front of him, and he will go back. He will attack more often as you progress.

Jollibee's: Phase 2

Popo will roam around the LBM Shipments warehouse starting on Night 1. He's actually the only one active on the first night. He'll wander around with his friends on later nights. The player can keep him and the others away from the office by either hacking his systems and making him go to another room, or by playing audio in another room to lure him away. If he's at the office window, the player must shine their flashlight on him to make him leave. If they don't do it fast enough, Popo will sneak into the office, and kill the player the next time they use the left panel to ship some boxes.

In the Box Transportation job, he's the animatronic that will approach the player from behind. He'll approach from the left, right, or middle. The player must shine their light on him to make him go away. Occasionally, he'll be breathing right in front of the player when they look behind. If this happens, the player must hold their breath and NOT shine their flashlight on him. He'll eventually leave, and the player will know this when his breathing disappears. If the player completely ignores Popo, or if they shine their light on him when he's breathing, Popo will kill them.

Custom Night

The higher his AI is set, the more aggressive he gets.

Endless Mode

The longer you survive, the more aggressive he gets.


Description Audio
Popo's jumpscare sound in Jollibee's, shared with the other mascots.

Warning loud


  • ​​​​He is the only animatronic in Jollibee's that is aggressive to the lights. (However, Twirlie was not yet seen getting shined by the flashlight in Phase 1).
  • His real life mascot has details on his sweater, like stripes, and his name, but in Jollibee's Phase 1, his sweater is just a plain blue color without details. He does have stripes on his sweater in Jollibee's Phase 2, however.
  • He is the only animatronic that contains two different jumpscare animations in one game.
    • He is tied with his twin sister Hetty for the most jumpscare animations in both Jollibee's games, with four, while the other three animatronics each have three.
      • The demo jumpscare and the two full game jumpscares of Phase 1, and the jumpscare of Phase 2 are counted for.
  • In Phase 1, Popo is aggressive to the lights, but in Phase 2, he doesn't seem to be for an unknown reason. The engineers must have fixed and rebooted Popo's behavior for the player to make him go away using the flashlight.
    • This could possibly be to follow the breathing and shine the light mechanic in the "Box Transportation" Job/Minigame.