The Pinagsama is a scrapped character that was meant to appear in Jollibee's: As Above So Below prior to its cancellation.


The Pinagsama, whose name means "combined" in Filipino, is still unknown on who it is, though people had speculations that it had something to do with Withered Jolly. It is also seen in the Custom Night menu (which has little to no info).

The only info relating to the Pinagsama is from a GameJolt reply saying "Who is Pinagsama?"

Weshek replied with it meaning "Combined". This means that this could've been multiple animatronics combined together to create one. However, Weshek deconfirmed it, saying that he "didn't like unoriginality".


  • Based on the only info given, the Pinagsama and Tweetie are the only animatronics in Custom Night to not appear at the window.
  • The Pinagsama has a second mechanic where it crawls on the ceiling and stares at the player, and pounces (or jumpscares) the player at a random time, similar to Mangle from FNAF 2.


  • It was the only new character in the cancelled game to not be a variation of an existing character, although it is unknown for sure.
  • Many people were asking about what the Pinagsama is, since it was basically shadow-dropped into the game, with information saying that it crawls on the ceiling, its name meaning "combined" in Filipino, but because Weshek doesn't like unoriginality, it is clearly unknown. The Pinagsama's model wasn't revealed yet, thus making the question even harder to answer.
  • Confirmed by Weshek on Gamejolt, the Pinagsama consists of two different animatronics. Those animatronics are unknown. However, a screenshot confirms that Weshek said that it hasn't been related to Jolly or Jollibee.

Early Custom Night of Jolly 7

The photo. (source: comments.)