Night 1

Um, hello, hello? uh, hey there! Did you receive the memo? In case you didn't, we just got the new animatronics the CEO sent us yesterday. Uh these animatronics are manufactured by one of the finest robotic companies out there. They walk around at day, speaking of, look what we found lying around on the back. Cameras! There pretty quite damn old though so the colors that you would seeing the camera would be dull. Uh also... these animatronics aren't allowed to be turned off. the engineers that we met yesterday said that turning the robots off would make the metal rusty causing them to collapse, uh yeah, you have to keep track of them wherever they go. You can close the door shut if you see them coming through your office, uh these doors are special and do require a lot of power. I think its because the door is powered by some kind of piston system, and it keeps pushing itself down to keep the animatronics from pulling the door. Uh not to worry though! You can recharge it by opening the charging panel, the charging panel can be found on the right side of the room. Use this to take power from our generator and transfer it to the building power which is used by our doors and cameras. The camera panel can seal the vents on Party room 1 and Party room 2. In case on of the animatronics there decides to climb through the vents. Now the rest of the animatronics excluding one may use the elevator to go down. You can control where the elevator by its camera, just switch by camera 14 and you can control the elevator there. Now... we also received an unused animatronic which came with the other ones. Now that animatronic ignores the doors... he can climb through walls and ceilings... to stop her from going away go over to camera 11 and click on a wire when it goes red. That color means that the wire's being broken. Clicking on a wire fixes it remotely through the cameras. Uh , I think that's it! You should be safe. Check the cameras, check the light in front of you, and you should be okay. Alright, have a good night and I will talk to you tomorrow. *Call ends*

Night 2

Hello, hello? Uh, hey congrats Night 2, uhh.. By now You may have noticed that box full of parts in your office. Yeah, that came from the auction last week. They were bought from this place called "fazbear's scare" or something like that. We were busy unpacking and building the animatronics that we didn't have the time to lift the boxes of spare parts in your office to the Parts and Service room. Yeah, those parts are pretty old. uh, speaking of old. Did Jolly ever leave the main stage? probably not. Jolly's the most special animatronic here as you can probably tell. He's the oldest designed character among all of them too! Yeah, he's the most memorable when it comes to children. Uhh, I want to remind you about the usage of the air vents and the elevator. You don't really need to keep them sealed. hey, here's an advice, seal them when you're too busy fixing Cam 11's ropes. That should work well with the elevator too. Alright, talk to you soon! *Call ends*

Night 3

Hello, hello? uh, I won't take any much of your time since Jolly and his gang seem to be pretty active as the week progresses. Umm, I forgot to mention, when Jolly enters infront of your office and the door isn't closed, Jolly will clog the door. You won't be able to close it. Now that shouldn't be a problem if you keep the door closed. Uhh nevermind. Keeping the door closed when you don't need it will drain your power, uhh, scratch that. Anyways, good luck, talk to you soon. *Call Ends*

Night 4

Hello, Hello? uh hey there Night four! You're getting the hang of it. Uhh, just to remind you, things tend to get aggressive stating on this night. I don't know why. So, be reminded to keep the door shut only when one hundred percent necessary. Uhh, Just because you can recharge the power doesn't mean you can use it forever. The generator power's still limited. Alright, you seem to have everything under control, Talk to you tomorrow! *Call Ends*

Night 5

Hello, hello? Uh, I won't talk to you today for a long time because I gotta get some things set up for this Saturday night. Uhhh... Y'know, same old' same old. Keep the door shut, power, blah blah blah blah blah, alright talk to you sometime soon. *Call Ends*

Night 1

"Uh, hey hey, you're the new guy, right? Heh, it's really cool that you just wanted to do this out of nowhere. Alright, so you do know what you're guarding, right? Yeah. *laughs nervously* walking animatronics..... Um, you are aware about the "bug in their system" that they see you as a bare endoskeleton, right? Uhh, now because there's a rule in their system that endoskeletons around the place can ruin customer satisfaction, they'll try to uhh.... Stuff you inside an empty suit. But don't worry, the place is really small and they should really be easy to track.

Uhh, you may notice those two dark halls and those two bright buttons. Yeah, when you see one of the animatronics is trying to get in your office, press the orange button of the door, they're trying to get in as fast as possible. This will trigger an electric shock that will fry their circuits, causing them to do a system restart or something. I-If you're worried that they'll just be more eager to get inside your office then.... don't press the button! They'll just get inside and kill you anyways. See? It's better than dying. Uhh, also these electric shocks can take a really long time to cool down for some reason. So in the events that you see them roaming around in your cameras, you can just zap them right there! Uhh, but the shocks that you make in the cameras aren't that strong as they are in your doors. These shocks will just make the animatronics stop for about a while, but they will become active eventually.

Uhh, if you flick at the bottom of your screen, you'll see some pipes. Uhh, these pipes will frequently leak and you can't trigger a shock in the cameras. It's a safety procedure that the security system does. I think it's because it may trigger a chain reaction and will cause the shock to reach you. Huh, now to think of it it's not that bad at all. Click on a leaking pipe to fix it by the way. Uhh, I think you got this under control. Just remember to watch the cameras from time to time and you should be safe. Alright, talk to you later, man!"

Night 2

"Uhh, if you're hearing this and you've made it to Night 2, err.. Congrats! Uhh, you may notice that Jolly and Freddy doesn't move that often, or at all. Uhh, The electric shock should work on them too, so whatever. Heh, they aren't causing any nightmares to you aren't they? heh, would be really scary if they do. If I'd have nightmares about them I'd quit the job instantly. A-Alright man I gotta go. Y-you won't be hearing anything from me from now on because I have some paperworks to attend to. Y-you'll do fine anyways! J-Just remember to check the cameras and you'll be okay. Alright, gotta go man. Good luck!"

Night 1

Theo: Hello? Can you hear me?

Alright, so you should be facing the main security office. Heh, doesn't look like a security office huh? It's more of a control room if you ask me , Okay, you know what to do. Get In, get some artifacts, get out. Pretty simple, right? Well, not if you don't know what you 're doing.

(12 AM)

Theo: Alright, so let me explain the machines and the gizmos.

The lever in front of you makes the pipe above you excrete gas that fry animatronic circuits. Oh yeah, did I mention there are active animatronics in there? Well... now you know. This lever only excretes gas if there's enough supply for them If you ran out of gas, open up the camera and click the little wrench icon at the top-right corner.


Theo: This, is the maintenance screen. There is a bunch of things you need to keep track of. one of which is the gas supply. Once the gas supply empty, you can refill it clicking and holding the "refill button". When you excrete gas, you will lose oxygen and your body will try to intake much faster temporarily. This will cause the oxygen supply to go down for a bit, but it will automatically refill itself, BUT, these supplies nay go broken, and you'll need to fix them. To fix the Gas system, click "Repair" to automatically repair it. Now, you may notice these spinning "fans" in the screen, Each room in this building has fans. These fans may break from time to time, and you need to fix them. To fix a fan, click on the room with the broken fan in it, and click on the button "Repair Fan" Now, the problem is... you don't know what fan is broken. The facility used to have this feature where you know what fan is broken, but machines age, sadly. That means you have to go to every camera until you're on the room with the broken fan. If you don't repair them, your vision may go slowly dark, because these fans excrete oxygen from outside. But don't worry. Your vision won't go completely dark, if you fix the broken fan immediately. Alright, I think that's it for tonight actually. Call me when you reach 6 AM.


Alright, we're not done yet. Remember what we're here for.

Octagon Junction-

Alright, I unlocked the door on the left. You should probably go there first. <Continued in "Tweetie's Game>

Night 2

"Phew." Well, last night was a disaster… Let's just hope today isn't.

(12 AM)

Theo: Alright, if you beat the last night, you'd beat this one. There's no way each

night's gonna get worse after the other... Right?

Computer: Number_of_Electrical_Disturbances_Detected._3

Theo: Wait, 3 animatronics? Heh, looks like each night IS worse after the other.

George: I know you're over there somewhere!

Theo: Hey, here's an advice.-. why don't try repairing the Gas systems from time to time so it doesn't break whenever you need it the most?

Night 3

(12 AM)

Theo: Hey, remember those cassette tapes you found yesterday?

It might be a good idea to play them while you work. Hold on. Alright, there we go.

Cassette guy : Uhh, hello, hello? Uh, this is just a reminder that the Jolly suit behind our parts and service room, Is incapable of being worn. We detected that the inside metal parts of the suit have been damaged. A kid got spaghetti all over the place, I don't know. Our security guards didn't know what happened. Heck, we were the first ones to know. Guess who's getting fired tonight? Uhh, the suit is in schedule of repair for next week so uh, Don't use it. Also, in another note, Tomorrow's "Bring your daughter to work day"! So uh, if you're responsible enough to guard your daughter from touching our robots and work at the same time well, uh, bring your daughter! And If you 're not responsible enough and you let your daughter break our robots then, the bill for the repair will be taken off from your paycheck. You might as well find a new job after that. *cough* on a side note, everyone did a good job today, Well done for that. uh, anyways. I think that's about it. See you all tomorrow.

Theo:*sigh* I thought you were dead, your phone hasn't been responding for 30 minutes.

Night 4

(12 AM)

Theo: Alright, I admit. I knew there was an active animatronic hidden in the hall and

I didn't warn you. And I'm sorry for that. I thought you'd pussy out, you know? Just try to be more careful next time please.

Cassette guy: Alright, which one of you didn't listen to yesterday's memo? I told you all that the safe room is NOT for regular employee use. Just saw the door isn't locked this morning. Also why is there ketchup all over the floor? William told me they were ketchup. This brings to the conclusion that one of you may thought that this room was a break room for employees. It isn't. All right, let me repeat. This is not a break room, and should not be considered a place for employees to hide and/or congregate - and under no circumstance should a customer ever be taken into this room and out of the main show area. I hope all of you speak English and actually understood what I just said. If I see one of you enter that room again, you're fired. Alright, see you all tomorrow.

Night 5

Theo: I'm not happy with what we got at the moment, man.

All we have is a bunch children's drawings and cassette tapes. What will the public think about this? We got to fix this. I want an animatronic out of there. Do whatever it takes.

(12 AM)

Cassette: Alright, everyone. The animatronics are being shipped to another, "safer"

location as they say, for a health inspection of some sort, I don't know. The shipping company is asking if someone here wants to guard our cargo while it's being transported. So if anyone wants to volunteer for this just reach me in my office tomorrow. If no one doesn't want to volunteer then I'll just pick someone randomly from our security guards. Man, what happened was a tragedy. I'm truly sorry to everyone who got involved. I hope you find your sons and daughters very soon. Alright, see you all tomorrow.


Theo: Woah, dude. Did you know about this?

There's a passageway right leading to another facility right next to this building! The passageway's located at the storage room Maybe there's an un-activated animatronic there? It's worth a try. Look, I know that you're the one doing all the work and I know you're tired of all this bull crap, but think of all at you'll get if you do this! All the money, all of the recognition, You're tired of living the same boring life every day. That's why you're doing this in the first place… right?

Tweetie's Game

Theo: Remember. Find something and get out quickly. Stay for too long and you're dead. Got it? Alright. Good luck, man.

(When the player access the room)

Theo: Wow, this is dark. Okay. There' s nothing much here. Try finding a password protected safe that I can hack into.

(If the player click on the password protected safe)

Computer: Disturbance Detected. Security system activated.

Tweetie: Hello my friends!

Theo: Uh-oh

Tweetie: Are you ready to get some fun?

Theo: Oh no. It looks like the security system trapped you inside.

Tweetie: I see you.

Theo: And the animatronics are part of it. There's no more time, we have to hurry. Wait. Hold done, I got this. What? Umm, I can't hack the safe. I need the safe port number. And the only way to do that is trough... you. Quick, bring up your phone. I'll send you a program. Don't worry. It's easy. Welcome to the grid. If you use your mouse to left click on a box, you will create a pathway. Try it. If you keep left clicing in a box you will change the arrow direction. The "pulse" enter trough the door there's an arrow exiting out of it. Create a pathway, so I can exit to the next grid, until it reaches the port.

(When the player finishes the first grid) Theo: Come on. Keep going.

(When the player finishes all the grids)

Computer: Connection timed out.

Theo: Go to the safe again

(When the player click on a safe)

Theo: The passcode is XXXX (random in the game)

Maxie's Game

Theo: Alright. What have we learned last night? That touching any electrical device is dangerous and trigger the facility security system. But that's what we're here for. No pain, no gain.

(When the player access the room)

Theo: Alright, try finding another electric safe.

(When click on the safe)

Computer: Disturbance Detected. Security system activated.

Maxie: Alright, the party just begun.

Theo: Oh, boy!

Maxie: Where's the birthday girl?

Theo: Wait. What? I can't get into it. A damn firewall is blocking the path. Quick open up your phone. Alright, I'm going need you to disable the firewall so I can hack my way into the safe. And to do that, you need a virus. I can't send the virus trough your phone because, well, it's a virus. I'm going to send you lines of code. Type those codes into the phone to write the program. Once the program is executed, it will disable the facility's firewall. And I'll able to hack my way into the safe. So we can all go home. Got it?

(When the first line pops out)

Theo: Alright, here's the first line.

(If done successfully)

Theo: Come on, keep going.

(One line of code remained) Theo: Come on, dude, one more.

(After writing the last line of code)

Computer: Connection timed out. Security system deactiveted.

Theo: *Phew* I thought we were done for. Alright you should be able to open the safe now.

(When the safe is clicked)

The passcode is XXXX (random for each tentative)

Storage Room

Alright, a safe should be here around here somewhere. Come on, help me find a safe.

(once found) Oh! I got the code right here! The passcode is... X,X,X,X,X,X. (random in game)

(when safe opens)

Well. That was easy-

(power cuts out)

Antonette: Why does everything have to end? Like trust, attention... love. Why isn't forever existing? Why doesn't it exist in where we need it the most? ...Something bad happened. Something bad always happens... (metal animatronic heads fade) You don't know what happened. You will never know what happened. You won't understand. Nobody understands the pain of the past. The past is rotten. Unless... you fix it. You can fix the past. Can you do that for me? The codes are hidden. Fix the past. Make history not repeat itself. ...and you will change what happened... forever.

(Shift Complete)

Night 1

Investigator's boss: I am not fully satisfied with your findings, investigator. I will not let your inability to fulfill your job jeopardize my case. My valuable time and resources will not be wasted on your bonding time with your best friend. If you continue to waste our resources to finding valueable items, I'm afraid we have to terminate you. You have been assigned with a new task because you did horrible with your last one. And that is to gather data from the servers of the facility. There's no way you can fail with this one. Find out what you can. I'm counting on you.

(When the player leaves the elevator)

Theo: Okay, we're here. Welcome to the Jolly Entertainment Underground Facility. I'm not even sure of why they bothered makning an underground facility. They must be hiding something. God, the signal there is awful. Hmm, let's see. Oh, I'm getting a reading of a possible animatronic in there. Here, I'll put it in your map.

(When the player move into a different room)

You can use your phone's night vision and your camera's flash to look around the place.

(When the player reaches the Cargo Hold access)

Computer: Invalid Keycard. Please return to your quarters, intern.

Theo: Wait. Intern?

(When the player reach the Office Base)

Kevin Johnson: *Cough* Hello there, astronaut, war hero, or Olympian! My name is Kevin, Kevin Johnson, CEO of Jolly Entertainment. And welcome to the Jolly Entertainment Underground Facility. Housing one of the most advanced elettronic robots ever constructed by man, this place attracts criminals like some kind of gold bank. And that's why we need guards. But not just any guards. This place needs one if the best security guards out there. And you're here to prove yourself! As part of the requirements to be an official night guard in this facility, we need you to guard the place for atleast five nights. But it won't be easy. We're placed two deadly robotsin this facility to prepare you for the real thing. And your job is simple: to survive. I bet you heard that before. The cost of you fail to get these robots off you, is death. Now don't worry, if you pass this test, you get to be a real security guard. With a big fat juicy pay check every month. Imagine that! Now, you may asking yourself, "How in the heck would I defend myself from these robots?". Well, let me teach you how. Every facility has a signal jammer in it in case these robots go haywire. If you look behind you, you'll find a control panel with a bunch of tabs in it. But the one you want to focus on is the jammer. Use this if one of both the robots get into your doors. That's the only way to deactive them. But remember, when used wrongly and no animatronics on the doors, the jammer will reboot for a long time, disabling you from using it. To know where they are, you can use the radar found on the same panel. So use the cameras instead when the coast is clear. Okay, let's see. Oh, and another thing, if you look over the control panel there's a maintenance tab. Use this if the camera, vents or conditioning systems go offline for some reason. Is there anything more...? Okay, I think that's everything. Check the cameras, use the jammer if anyone is at your doors, piece of cake, right? Don't answer that, this is just a pre recorded message.

(When Jolly is at the door (only in this night)

Theo: Warning. There's an animatronic at your doors.

Night 5

(After beating it)

Kevin Johnson: Congratulations there, son! You, (computer: insert your name here) have completed our five-day test! As a reward for your hard work, you get work here, full time! I now grant you full access to the facility. You can now access the fancy bathroom down here. How cool is that, eh? Remember, come back tomorrow at 12 Am so you can start your first shift as an official night guard.

Theo: Um, dude? We have problem. The oxygen's system's been tampered too much. You need to fix it immediately or you'll die here. Here, I'll send you the coordinates to the control room.

(After fixing the oxygen)

Alright. Let's go back to business, shall we?

(Bad Ending)

This is it. This is where out lives change forever. Are you ready?

Night 1

Hello, hello? Hey, you're the new guy, right? That's great! Not so many approaches for this job. It's just so boring, you know?. I mean, you're stuck in an office for six hours, waiting for something to happen... It's insane that you can even get money for that. Anyways, did you know something special about the animatronics here? Ehm, they're the first ones built with free roam features, that don't fail any ten seconds. The future is now, hey! They're also the first ones built with advanced AI. In fact, they're so advanced you might think a soul is inside controlling everything. Now, concerning the animatronics, our recent guard reported that the animatronics, yeah, they're been moving during the night for some reason. He said that the closest they got to him was the hall in front of him. Heck, they even try to climb into the vents. Then after that, they just... stare. After hearing that, we're starting taking some measures. Our engineers put blocking systems in the vents, which is very easy to access trough the cameras. But don't shut too may vents, though. We've noticed that the blocking system seems to block the incoming air as well. Your vision will start to become all dark and blurry, trust me, it's not gonna be good for you. Yeah, the building isn't that well ventilated, as you can probably tell. Now, in case that the animatronics ever get in your door, you can turn off the lights in your office as long as you're not too late. They'll think there's no person inside, and... I-I think you get the point. I you look to your left you'll see a vent that lets air into your office. We've tested the animatronics on certain light conditions and it seems that they, um, reboot their systems and go back to their respective places once you shine a really bright light into their eyes. Uh, except for that other one. So in case there's an animatronic in your left vent, you can shine your light on it. And it'll go away momentarily. Now, if you look to your right, however, you'll see a big window. The window lead to our Parts and Service Room. She's supposed to be together with Twirlie, the girl on Cam 9, but she isn't acting right recently. Sometimes she's singing and sometimes she's just... not responding. So our solution is to put her near the window so you can calm down her using your flashlight. It's really hard to catch her once she gets away. She crawls in one of the three vents near her. And blocking her is really painful. Literally. Now remember, seal a vent only if absolutely necessary. You don't want to pass, do you? Oh, I almost forgot. We blew a fuse in Yum's Party Room , can you check out before you go?. I'm sure that the animatronics will not cause you any danger at that time. Alright, good night.

Night 2

Hello, hello. Hey, how's it going? I forgot to tell you about the animatronic that doesn't seem to deal well with the flashlight. He's called Popo, the kid in blue on Cam 4. If it happens to be at the vent on your office, just don't flash your light at him. Somehow, he becomes more aggressive towards bright lights. So it's important to not confuse him with the other one on Cam 3. He's called Yum by the way. I'm, your task today is to repeat the water pipes. The Maintenance Panel is located in Twirlie's Show Stage. You know where to go from there. Alright, good night.

Night 3

Hello, hello? I'm, I'll just drop by and leave you to your tasks cause I know how much more aggressive these guys become when the week progresses. Can you fix the monkey bars at Popo's playroom? Our maintenance guy didn't show up today. The screws are a bit loose. We don't want any lawsuit, do we? Also, did Jollibee ever move? Also, is Jollibee ever moving out from his stage? I'm sure he wouldn't. I'm just checking. Did you know that these characters are based off the old ones? They're just too many of them and the company just had to pluck someone out. There were eight, I think. They weren't that kid friendly either. The designs' just awful. Alright, enough trivia time. Get back to work. Good night.

Night 4

Hello, hello? Hey, good job, night 4! Um, our janitor didn't show up today, so just mop the floor on Jollibee's room. It gets really nasty in there in the morning. Eugh, really nasty. One time we found Popo with vomit all over it. It's crazy that parents don't even check on their children when they're in hers. Alright, I'll just leave everything to you now. Good night.

Night 5

Hey, hey, this should be your last shift of the week! Um, our technicians never got back to us about Hetty. She's been out of order trough the week and it's getting pretty ridiculous... Although they left a note in how to fix her. Can you check out for us? Don't worry, your paycheck will be increased! Heh, like the sound of that, don't you? Alright, good night!

Night 6

Hello, hello. Hey, thanks for coming back after short notice. Our old guy went silent for some reason. Must've found a better job. Alright, you already know how everything works, so I'll leave it all to you now. I really appreciate this even thought of coming back. Alright, good night.


Michael Scott: Uh, hello? How's it going? I'm sorry you had to fill in for my night shifts. You probably heard about the new shipments that just came in today. Uh, they came from the Jollibee's restaurant, right across the street. It's a shame they had to close down. I heard that something was staying up at the place and they had to shut it down because of health code violations... Animatronics had to be shipped for the investigations. Now this, is where we come in. (Fade to Warehouse Management Interface) Don't worry, don't worry! I'll guide you along the way. As long as you don't damage the shipments, nobody will get in trouble. Eh, this is the Warehouse Management Interface. This is basically the control panel for the entire facility! Uh, in this screen you can buy upgrades or, work extra jobs to increase the warehouse's stack. But you don't have to worry about that for now. Uh, once you're ready, click on the button.

Night Shift 1

Michael: (once you start shift) Okay, first things first. Your job as a night shift guard is to make sure the shipments go to their proper currents. You can do this by heading over to the left side of the office, and opening the workstation panel.

(once you open the panel) The left side of the screen is the conveyor belt module. When you turn it on, it's going to bring in boxes that you need to put to their proper tracks. Chose which track the boxes will lead to by clicking and dragging the nodes to their tracks.

(when you have moved some boxes) Great! You're getting the hang of it. Uh, you can turn of for now. But remember to turn on after I've oriented you. Uh, on the right side of the screen is where you'll see the security module. This is where you'll be able to, well, monitor what's going on in the facility. Uh, you can use the motion detectors and the cameras to see what's going on. But I'd stick to the motion detector if I were you. Cameras do have a lot of blind spots around the facility. Especially around the conveyor belts... And if any of the systems go offline for any reason, you can use the maintenance panel at the far right side of the office. Uh, okay. I'll, I'll leave everything to you now. Just don't mess anything up so no one gets fired. Alright. Alright! Good luck.

Phone: You have: one new voicemail. To listen to your messages, press one.

Jollibee's Manager: Hello, and thank you for accepting our shipments in line with the inspection that will occur in our establishments. This voice memo is offered to you as a reminder to guard our animatronic robots. While they're waiting to be shipped. The animatronics cannot be turned off for diagnostic reasons. As such, they are programmed to find the nearest room occupied by people for maximum entertainment value. To make sure they don't run into your office and cause trouble, you can use the company-issued audio lure mechanism. Which you can find installed into your system's workstation panel, under the security tab. If you find a figure of precaution, you can control the animatronics momentarily. By clicking the hack button, to view the hacking module. Please keep in mind, the effects of the hacking mechanism are expected to wear off momentarily, as the robot's firewall feature will block you from taking control temporarily. If the animatronics are somehow able to find their way in front of you, you can shine your light into their faces, causing them to do a system restart. If that doesn't work, please make use of any office instructions, like hiding under your desk untill they go away. Do not tamper with the animatronic robots, as we will not hesitate on suing your establishment for any damages found in the units. Thank you for your co-operation.

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