Oxygen Control Room
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The Oxygen Control Room is a location in Jolly 3: Chapter 2 seen in the end of Night 5 and in the Custom Night.


The Oxygen Control Room is an office with a window in front, and a door to the right. Under the window is a button to toggle the light to see animatronics when they are behind your window. There is a button next to the door to close/open it. At the left side of the room, there is a camera panel, and to the left a maintenance panel. There is a desk with two crumpled papers, a fan, and a computer monitor. There are multiple wires strewn about the room. Behind the window is a small area with a door and wires. It is too dark to see without the light.


Main Objective

The oxygen supply in the building is malfunctioning during Night 5 and you must reboot it using your maintenance panel. While looking at the maintenance panel, the percentage will rise. However, (similar to the house sections) when you're not looking at it, the percent falls, forcing you to deal with the animatronics quickly.


Similar to Jolly 1, there is a light button under the window and a door button. If anyone shows up at the window (one creak) and moves from the window (second creak) you must shut the door until a knocking noise is heard. There is also a camera system. However, it is almost completely useless with the amount of power you have. The light, door, and cameras use up power. To have enough power, use the light sparingly, listen for audio cues, and finally, do not look at the cameras as much as possible.


  • The Oxygen Control Room heavily resembles the Office from the first game, as both offices have a window in front and a door to right.
  • The maintenance panel works like FNaF Sister Location's power reboot breaker.
  • In addition to the design of the Control Room's office bearing resemblance to the first game, multiple sounds from the first were reused such as the door closing and the animatronics walking away.