The Security Office is a location in Jolly 2 serving as the primary office for the game.


It is a very wide room with two doorways each having an orange button (which causes any animatronics outside them to get shocked), a large CRT television used to view the camera feed, blueprints, a few older T.V.s on the floor, wires to the sides, and pipes coming from the ceiling. On the back wall, (not visible until turning around) there are some (presumably gas) pipes that frequently leak.


The Camera Monitor in front of you opens up the camera feeds. The left and right doorways each have a button labeled with a lightning bolt. These buttons send an electric shock directly outside your door, useful if an animatronic is about to walk into your office. Behind you, there are gas pipes that will frequently leak. When they do, you cannot shock rooms throughout the cameras. To fix them, you just need to click the valve of the pipe which is leaking.


  • This office appears to be one of the largest offices in the Jolly franchise.



Description Audio
The ambiance.
The sound that plays when the animatronics are nearby.
The sounds when turning on or turning off the TV.
The sound played when turning to the pipes or the front of The Office.