The Office is the location of the player during the main nights of Jollibee's: Phase 2. It's the location of where the player must transfer boxes to their proper place, all while keepinh an eye out for the Animatronics.


The Office of this game is very wide. To the left side, there is a chair, along with a desk with some computers with a lamp. In the middle, there is another desk that has 3 books, along with a Calendar, some stacked papers, some crumpled up papers, and another lamp. To the far right is the Exit Door leading out of the office. Right in front of the office is a big wide window which, when being shun on by the Flashlight, shows the outside of the office. To the far left of the office is the Work Station Panel, which the player must use for the majority of the night. To the far right of the office is the Maintenance Panel, which the player must use to reboot the systems of the office.


This is the location the player resides in during each of their shifts. The player can use their flashlight to shine on the window to see if there is an animatronic outside. Every one of the 5 animatronics appear at different spots of the window.