It's just so... boring, you know? I mean, you're stuck in an office for six hours, waiting for something to happen.

The Security Office is a location in Jollibee's serving as the primary office for the player.


It's a small room with a table that has a monitor, some pencils and a fan on it. Behind the main table is another desk with a lamp and some newspapers on it. On the wall there are some posters and a notice board. There seems to be some hydraulic pipes hanging out from the ceiling. In front of the player is a white glass-paned door which is where Jollibee and Twirlie will attempt to attack the player . On the right side there's a vent that helps air get to the players office, and is where Yum and Popo will attempt to attack the player if they don't block them in the vents in time . On the left side there's a window that connects the office to the Parts and Service room which is how the player will deal with Hetty .



When the player is at the center of the office, they may switch off the lights by pressing any ctrl key. When an animatronic is seen behind the glass, the player must save themselves by switching off the lights in time. The player may keep the lights off for as long as they want. However, the cameras and the flashlight may not be used with the lights off.


When the player is at the right side or the left side of the office, they may use the flashlight by pressing any ctrl key. The flashlight has various effects on the animatronics. It's helpful to drive out Yum and return Hetty to a neutral stage; however, if it is used on Popo, it will result in a jumpscare.

Camera panel

While the player is at the center of the office, they may open up the camera panel to check the animatronics, check and close the vents, and accept or decline the Manager's call.