Phone Call

Hello, hello? Uh, I won't talk to you today for a long time because I gotta get some things set up for this Saturday night. Uhhh... Y'know, same old' same old. Keep the door shut, power, blah blah blah blah blah, alright talk to you sometime soon.


Nobody is active but this is harder


if you see jolly close the door fast

and dont forget about metallionete

and about maxie george and twiite only close the door

and dont run out of power


this night is harder

remember to deal

when freddy and chica and george are in right door press the orange button

and jolly and bonnie too on right door and zap button too

and use the zap button too to stun them or make them slower

if you die in this night you will go on a minigame and then you need to collect burgers and give them to the children and there a secret burger and then you go on the black where you blue things and red and then go on a weird place and you see little girl crying and then the girl coming the see jolly and hug him and there appear purple guy and the minigame ends and there a cutscene where you see the arcade machine and then the credits roll and you see jolly but his light is off and you got the true ending

it like the same circus baby secret minigame in fnaf sl but she lives but maybe she just killed by purple guy

getting the bad ending the beat night 6 and giving you a check and you will get the bad ending is like the same but jolly is turned on with light

beat night 6

and you will get

the 2nd star and custom night and extras

just beat night 5 to complete it

Phone Call



everyone is active

deal with metals

metal freddy: open the camera when you see him

metal bonnie: open the camera when you see him on both windows

metal chica: when chica is on one of camera stare at her and dont switch the camera ( close the camera and you will get rid of her faster)

metal foxy: find the broken fans faster and fix them

just on jolly maxie and george and tweetie just hold the level and repair the gas if something wrong (you will be screwed if your gas doesnt work and there is a animatronic in the office)

Phone Call



the same thing as night 4 but fast

if george is in the left door active the jammer

keep on eye on jolly and even on cam 3 if he leaves from cam 3. that means it jolly on right door so active the jammer

and after is 6 am you need to go on oxygen room if you not go in there you will die there

it like jolly 1

if you see jolly and george press the door button and you see a oxygen control panel and press one of the error button and then after all of the error buttons you beat the oxygen room night (and there some power and also check the cameras)

and then go the that same area that you go on night 1

and the elevator man tells you that your ready to go to that floor and then you will see the cargo area and springtrap in there and the credits roll

Phone Call



nobody is active but it not easy

jollibee and twirlie are in middle door shut off the power

and popo and yum are in vents

someone is on vent but doesnt tell you where it is

popo: if he enters and leaves that means that was him

yum: if he enters and he in vent shine the light

see them on cam 12 and 13 will solve the problem

hetty: flash the light on her to be on her first phase of movements

Phone Call



night 5 is the final night of the game

and everyone comes at little faster

jolliebee: hide your desk and if jollibee see you go on other side of the desk

twirlie: hide your desk and avoid her stare

hetty: hide your desk and avoid her hand