Jolly: Night 3

Same as nights 1-2, but Jolly is now active(he can rarely start moving on night 2.).

Jolly: Same as everyone else, but if he gets in the office, he'll block the door and won't kill you unless the power runs out.

This night is where things start to get difficult. You shouldn’t seal the vents anymore, and keep an eye on Jolly. When he enters the office, he will jam the door. Make sure to close it immediately or else he will get inside and jumpscare you. Also, check Antonette more often.

Jolly 2: Night 3

On this night, Freddy becomes active.

Freddy: He acts exactly like Chica and Bonnie, but he's slower than them.

You will have to keep a close eye on the animatronics from now on, as they will start to get more difficult and harder to keep track of. Freddy is now active. He is considerably slower than the other animatronics. As always, make sure to check the pipes often.

Jolly 3 Chapter 1: Night 3

Same as nights 1-2, but higher-advanced A.I. The fans will break more often, and Metal Freddy and Metal Chica become more active. It is recommended not to check the windows at all, as there is the risk of running into Metal Bonnie. As always, repair the gas systems frequently and watch the animatronics.

Jolly 3 Chapter 2: Night 3

Same as night 1-2, but higher-advanced A.I. It's recommended to check only Jolly on the cameras, because George's eyes are seen when he's at the door (to your right). Also, be aware of Shadow Tweetie and Shadow Maxie.

Jollibee's: Night 3

Night 3

Everyone is active on this night. The Virus is introduced.

Jollibee: Acts a lot like Twirlie, but less active. He will appear in front of you. Shut the lights off when you see him in front of you.

Virus: Makes a random pop-up and you must make it disappear by finding the virus logo in all the cameras. If you find it, YOU EXIST! (Baldi reference) If you fail, a skull icon will pop-up and shut down all the vents, causing you to suffocate, resulting in a Game Over. On this night, you must be aware of everything. Check the window frequently like always and watch the vents. Jollibee is now active, so watch the door more closely.

Jollibee's: Phase 2 : Night 3.

Night 3

Everyone except Jollibee is active.

Twirlie: If you see her in front of you, hide under your desk. Avoid her stare throughout the attack phase.

Hetty: If you see her in front of you, hide under your desk. Avoid her hand throughout the attack phase.

This night is a lot more difficult than the previous two. For the first time, you must hide under the desk when Twirlie and Hetty get to your office. Popo and Yum will also be more active.