Mikhail Schmidt is the main protagonist of Jolly.


Mikhail Schmidt is hired by Jolly Entertainment to work as a security guard/night guard at their ever popular Jolly's Fantasy World populated with animatronic robots. He works for his five nights and receives his paychecks but he returns for two extra nights which earns him another paycheck and being fired on the seventh night since he is no longer needed by the company.


Not much is known about Mikhail Schmidt but he made an impression on the company that they hired him as a security guard. We never find out much about his family nor age and it's left to the player to speculate.


Mikhail starts in his office receiving phone calls from another employee which is know as Phone Guy. Mikhail spends the next seven nights fending off the robots from the office by closing the door and sealing the vents. He uses his camera monitor supplied by the company to locate and track down the robots roaming the establishment. After he is fired on his last day he leaves Jolly's Fantasy World never to return again.


  • Mikhail Schmidt never speaks for the entire game.
  • People speculate that Mikhail Schmidt is related to Mike Schmidt, the night guard that worked at Freddy Fazbear's Pizza back in FNaF 1.