Mikhail Schmidt is the main protagonist of Jolly. He was employed by Jolly Entertainment to work as a security guard for the night shifts from 12AM to 6, while also defending himself from the Fantasy animatronics that try to attack him during the night.

After his seventh night, he was fired by the company due to him being no longer necessary. The player plays as him in a first-person perspective.


It is unknown what Mikhail's full physical appearance looks like, since he is only seen in the first-person view. However, he is shown to be calm and quiet, as he never makes a noise during his night shifts.


Mikhail's pink slip alongside a newspaper of the Fantasy animatronics' dismantlement.

Not much is known about Mikhail Schmidt, nor when he was born or about his family, but he made an impression on the company that they hired him for Jolly's Fantasy World.

Mikhail was employed to work as a security guard/night guard at their ever popular Jolly's Fantasy World populated with animatronic robots. He works for his five nights and receives his paychecks of, but he also returns for two extra nights, which earns him another paycheck and being fired on the seventh night since he is no longer needed by the company. After the seventh night, it is assumed that he broke the animatronics and left the building afterwards, then receiving the pink slip and newspaper.


Mikhail starts in his office receiving phone calls from another employee, who is known as the Phone Guy. He instructs Mikhail about any information of the Fantasy animatronics which will try to kill him during the night, including Metalionette. He stated that the company, or him, found a monitor that lets Mikhail see the cameras throughout the entire building and locate and track down the robots roaming the establishment, and that they could also control the elevator and vent seals. He also told Mikhail about the doors that keep the Fantasy animatronics away from his office, preventing them to attack him.

After finishing five nights, he gets a paycheck of $300,00. However, he decides to go for an another night again, and on his sixth night, he gets an extra paycheck of $60,00 for overtime.

He, yet again, goes for an another nightshift, successfully making it out alive. Instead of getting a paycheck, he gets a pink slip, which means he is fired. He also receives a newspaper that the Fantasy animatronics' parts were mysteriously scattered all over the building. After he is fired on his last day, he leaves Jolly's Fantasy World, never to return again.


  • Mikhail Schmidt is an obvious reference to Mike Schmidt from the original FNaF.
    • Similarly, both are security guards who watch over the place for seven nights, and end up getting fired on their seventh one in the series/franchise's first games.
      • It was confirmed by weshek that the perpetrator wasn't Mikhail Schmidt and that it was someone else that broke in he fantasy world when Mikhail left his shift.