Metal Freddy is an animatronic from Jolly 3: Chapter 1, and one of four Metal animatronics.


Metal Freddy most greatly resembles Withered Freddy from FNaF 2, Phantom Freddy from FNaF 3, and the original Freddy from Jolly 2. His suit is greyed and stained with soot, and he has glowing white eyes. He also sports his signature top hat, bow tie, and two buttons on his chest.


Metal Freddy will randomly appear in the player's office, accompanied by a sound cue of a child's laugh. The player must quickly flip the monitor up or else be jumpscared. The jumpscare will not cause a game over but will drain the gas which is necessary to defend against Withered Jolly, Withered Maxie, Withered George, and Withered Tweetie.


  • Metal Freddy's attack pattern is very similar to both Golden Freddy from FNaF 1 and Yenndo from Sister Location.
  • Metal Freddy jumpscare is similar to Withered Golden Freddy from FNAF 2. 
  • Metal Freddys has the same giggle as Golden Freddy from Fnaf 1.



Description Audio
Metal Freddy's Giggle.
Metal Freddy's jumpscare sound, this is shared with the rest of the metal animatronics in Jolly 3 Chapter 1.