Metal Foxy is one of the many antagonists that appear in Jolly 3: Chapter 1 and is one of the four Metal animatronics that appear within the game. He appears to be a burnt, white metal version of Withered Foxy from FNaF 2.


As stated previously, Metal Foxy appears to be a shiny, burnt metal version of Foxy from Jolly 2. Much like his withered counterpart from FNaF 2, he has tears in his arms and his ear is exposed.


Unlike all of the other Metal animatronics, he can actually kill the player. If the player's oxygen is down and the player is taking to long to reboot whatever fan broke, he will jumpscare them. In order to fend off Metal Foxy, you must find whatever oxygen fan that broke and repair it through the cameras. He works in conjunction with Metal Chica, as you will instinctively flip through the cameras very quickly to defend against him. This will make the monitor be forced down, either buying him some time, or having another animatronic kill you instead, as you can't repair & refill the gas fast enough.

Custom Night

The Custom Night's AI setting affects how much time you have after the oxygen runs out until he appears. The higher the AI, the less time you have.



Description Audio
The first sound in Metal Foxy's jumpscare. This is shared with the rest of the Metal animatronics in Jolly 3 Chapter 1.
The second sound in Metal Foxy's jumpscare. This is the same sound heard when an animatronic is in the Main Security Office and after death in Jolly 3: Chapter 2.