Metal Bonnie is one of the many antagonists that appear in Jolly 3: Chapter 1 and is one of the four Metal animatronics that appear within the game. She is a hallucination seen by the Protagonist who can break their gas supply. Like most of the other metal animatronics, she cannot kill the player.


Metal Bonnie has a similar appearance to the original Bonnie from FNaF 1, Withered Bonnie from FNaF 2, and Bonnie from Jolly 2. Her suit is covered in soot marks apart from her bow tie, which is a clean and bright red, and she has glowing white eyes.


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  • Like all of the metal animatronics, she turns inverted during the last frame of her jumpscare.
  • Despite Metal Bonnie's official gender being listed as male, she appears in the "Boys Night" challenge, but not active in the "Boys Get Drunk" in Custom Night. This may be a reference to Bonnie being a gender neutral name.
    • Due to this, it is unknown what Bonnie's real gender is in the Jolly series.
    • Bonnie shares a similar trait, since she is listed in the "Boys Get Drunk" challenge in Jolly 2.


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Description Audio
Metal Bonnie's jumpscare sound, this is shared with the rest of the metal animatronics in Jolly 3 Chapter 1.