Maxie's Game
Maxie's Game/Gallery

"Where's the birthday girl!?" - Withered Maxie once the security system activates.

Maxie's Game is a 3D minigame that happens after beating Night 2 or 4 in Jolly 3. By choosing the door to the right in Octagon Junction, the player will arrive at Testing Room 2, where this game takes place.


Its a messy room filled with steel wires. there is a few a TVs, safes scattered all around the room. there are few small pipes and 4 big pipes. there is a window connected to the Main Security Office.

How to Play

After finding the Password-Protected Safe which is hidden at the bottom of the left-most column of wires, the player will set off the security system yet again. Theo will send a code on the player's phone that you have to copy in order to write a program which will disable the firewall protecting the safe.

While the player is typing code, Withered Maxie will slowly approach the player. To make her retreat, lower the player's phone and stare at her.

The safe in this room contains Cassette Tapes, which will play at the start of every night onwards.


  • Despite the player being able to access this minigame on both nights 2 and 4, it appears to be set on night 2