Main Security Office
Main Security Office/Gallery

The Main Security Office is the location the player begins every night at in Jolly 3: Chapter 1.


It is a very large room with two windows, pipes (those excrete hazardous gas that fry animatronic circuits), a lever, two buttons, a cardboard cutout of Jolly from JOLLY 2, and a checkered black-and-white floor like most rooms of the building.


There are three areas of the office you must worry about: the left window, the right window, and the center door. The center door is used by Withered Jolly, Withered Maxie, Withered George and Withered Tweetie. All four characters are functionally identical and will roam the facility before attempting to enter the office through the center door. They can be repelled by pulling the gas lever to the left of the door, which will momentarily blind the player, but will repel any animatronics standing at the door. The gas will need to be refilled through the maintenance panel, and will also need repairing from time to time.

The left and right windows can be used to monitor animatronics in the rooms adjacent to the windows. They can be illuminated by use the lights positioned below them. The windows are the main method of attack for Metal Bonnie, however, who will jumpscare the player if he appears in the window and they do not pull the monitor up in time. This will not cause a game over, but will drain the gas needed to fend off any animatronics who use the center door. The player has access to a camera system when within the office that will allow them to monitor the movement of any animatronics roaming the facility. Metal Chica may occasionally spawn, blocking the camera and will jumpscare the player if they change to a different camera after seeing her. The player must either lower the monitor or stare at her until she disappears. Like Metal Bonnie, Chica's jumpscare will only drain the gas. Metal Freddy will also occasionally appear in the office, and will jumpscare the player if they do not open the monitor in time.

Each camera position has a fan associated to it, with a bar showing that fan's functionality. Once the bar reaches zero, the fan will break and the oxygen flow will stop. The fan will need to be quickly fixed through the camera, as Metal Foxy will attack the player if the oxygen runs out.


Description Audio
The Office jingle when the clock reaches 12 AM.
The Office ambiance.

The sound when an animatronic is in the Office.

This is also used for the second chapter upon losing.

The gas ambiance when using the gas lever.
The player coughing after using the gas lever.