The Kitchen, also known as Cam 1, is a location in JOLLY.


The Kitchen is a fairly large room with a door on the left wall, which presumably leads to the Office Window. It has a white floor, along with white walls. It also has a large storage rack/oven in the center, along with a few more storage racks along the walls. The oven also has a saucepan on it, along with a smaller saucepan on one of the storage racks along the walls.


Jolly and Tweetie will appear in this room. In the cutscene after night 5, you see the kitchen from Jolly's perspective.


  • The kitchen was shown in the intro of Jollibee's, when the man in blue broke into it and add chemicals to the food.
  • The kitchen also looks similar to the kitchen in the trailer of Jollibee's, however only in a few places.


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