Jumpscares (or Deaths) are important mechanics that show that the player is attacked by an animatronic, enemy, or is killed by other means. FNAF fan games, official FNAF games, and many other horror-related material often have them in order to shock the player/audience.

Jumpscares and/or deaths can be triggered in several ways, including:

  • Ignoring Animatronics
  • Standing in the office for too long
  • Watching the cameras for too long.

Side Deaths

These are deaths that can give players a game over, but they do not happen from animatronics or are caused by other means and may not always don't cause a game over, but more likely, just have the player lose a minigame.

Side-deaths include:

  • Sealing too many vents [causing the player to suffocate] (Jollibee's)
  • Dying by heat if you don't repair the Air Condition system (Jolly 3: Chapter 2)
  • Failing to disable the Virus in time and causing it to seal some vents (and failing to unseal them in time) (Jollibee's)
  • Losing too many boxes (Jollibee's Phase 2)
  • Getting crushed to death (Jolly 3: Chapter 1)



v1.5 Update




Oxygen Room



Full Release


  • In Tweetie's beta jumpscare, her endoskeleton is almost entirely missing.
  • In George's jumpscare, his bowtie clips to his jaw


  • In Bonnie's jumpscare, his bowtie is layered in front of his jaw.
  • In Foxy's left and right door jumpscares, he glides to the player instead of walking or running.
    • This error is especially visible on the right door jumpscare.
  • In Classic George’s jumpscare, the shadow texture on his jaw and right eye glitches.

JOLLY 3: Chapter 1

  • In Withered Maxie’s jumpscare, her jaw clips through her left shoulder when her head spins.

JOLLY 3: Chapter 2

  • In Rusty Bonnie's jumpscare, his arm clips through the wall.
  • in Withered George’s Chapter 2 jumpscare, his left arm’s ball joint detaches from his torso.
  • If Withered George attacks while the player's night vision is up, his jumpscare will be layered in front of the night vision.


  • In Yum's jumpscare, his visor clips through his body.
    • This, however, is not visible in-game, and can only be seen in the extras.
  • In Popo's jumpscare, his legs stretch longer.
    • This, however, is also not visible in-game, and can only be seen in the extras.

Jollibee's Phase 2

  • While in Jollibee's, the red lighting around the animatronic's mouth and eyes is caused by the animatronic, in Phase 2, it is caused by the building lighting.

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