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Jolly the Bee, or simply just Jolly, is the titular and main antagonist of Jolly. He is the main mascot of Jolly's Fantasy World and Jolly Entertainment, designed to entertain all the customers that come to the establishment. He also entertains with his animatronic friends Tweetie, George, and Maxie. However, he is hostile at night and will try to hunt down the nightguard and kill him after hours.

He was planned to make his 4-year return in Jollibee's: As Above So Below, before its cancellation.



Jolly is a tall humanoid blue bee animatronic. He appears to be wearing a tall chef hat atop his head along with a black bowtie, and several white buttons below it. He also has blue cheeks, blue antennae, and white shoes. He also has a happy smile across his face. On his torso, he has white stripes and appears fairly chubby. He has lines on the upper half of his face, dividing it into two segments, like the Funtime animatronics from FNAF: SL. Besides this, he also resembles the animatronics from Sister Location themselves.

As Above So Below

Same as the Jolly design, but the material and his eyes are different, and his teeth are now more exposed. His hat now looks more like an actual chef's hat.


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Jolly was one of five entertainers at Jolly's Fantasy World.

He preformed on stage along with Tweetie, but at night tried to hunt down the nightguard and kill him. During the mini games, Jolly could not save the children from being poisoned, and was blamed for it, as evidenced in the Night 5 Minigame.

Jolly’s Fantasy World was later shut down, and it turned out that Jolly had a soul stuck inside of him, as part of Kevin Johnson’s plan to ultimately inhabit an animatronic body, but he was destroyed soon afterwards.


Description Audio
Jolly the Bee's jumpscare sound. This is shared with the rest of the animatronics in Jolly.

Warning loud

Jolly the Bee's music box, This plays if the power runs out in the office.


  • Jolly is based off the main mascot of the well known Filipino fast food chain, "Jollibee".
  • Jolly's legs are always in their default position.
  • In Jolly’s BTS, Jolly was originally going to attack only when the power runs out. When the power went out, Jolly would play a theme in the window, then end the game with his usual jumpscare. However, this was changed, due to IvanG wanting Jolly to play a bigger role. This is similar to how Freddy in FNaF was originally going to behave.
  • Jolly's left faceplate appears to overlap the right.
  • In Jolly’s BTS, Jolly was going to run by the window towards the door, similar to Phantom Freddy from FNaF 3(and Springtrap), but faster. However, this idea was dropped due to the animations being “unrealistic and too childish.” 
  • This is the only counterpart of Jolly that does not wear gloves.
  • This is the only counterpart of Jolly that is funtime-styled.
  • Due to a technical problem, Jolly can appear in both the door entrance and the window when the power goes out, making it look like that there are two Jollys in the office.
  • His torso clips through his upper right leg in his window pose.
  • Like Maxie, George and Tweetie, Jolly was supposed to be in Jollibee's As Above So Below. However, due to the legal trouble with the Jollibee's games, the third game was cancelled. A render of a Jolly model by PNM was disclosed.
  • He, like the other animatronics from the game is currently destroyed as revealed at the end of the game, which explains why he, alongside the other animatronics, don't appear in LBM Shipments Inc Warehouse in Jollibee's: Phase 2.
  • Jolly's jumpscare was changed in the widescreen update of the game, possibly to make his jumpscare a lot faster.
    • This makes him and Tweetie the only two animatronics to have changed jumpscares sometime during an update in Jolly.
    • It was confirmed sometime in 2020 that IvanG didn't like the jumpscare before the widescreen update, which urged him to change it.
  • The reason why Jolly is blue is because IvanG was worried about getting hit by copyright when making him red.
    • Also, it's because FNaF Sister Location was teased and Ivan wanted to make a sci-fi styled version of him.