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Jolly Goodtime will be an upcoming antagonist in Jolly 4.


He resembles Classic Jolly and presumably Phase Two Jollibee, but much different. As told by the only known pictures, this version of Jolly wears a top hat like Freddy, instead of his usual chef hat. He also appears to have opening faceplates, and he now has additional features, such as a black nose and black cheeks and three black freckles. He has eyebrows and glowing red eyes attached to his endoskeleton. His color scheme is dull grey, dull black, and dull yellow. He appears to be wearing a grey suit with two buttons and a yellow bowtie. He also wears yellow shoes.


  • Jolly Goodtime was revealed on August 20th by Ultranite to thank the community for 2500 followers on the gamepage.
  • This is the first counterpart of Jolly the Bee that doesn't wear a chef hat.
  • Jolly Goodtime is presumably an abbreviation for "a jolly good time".
  • He is now is a black and yellow color scheme instead of red and yellow, which makes him less similar to Jollibee.
    • The reason behind the colour change is because actual bees are black and yellow.