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The Jolly Entertainment Underground Facility is the basement of the Jolly Factory and the main setting of Jolly 3: Chapter 2.


It was created by Jolly Entertainment to serve as the framework for their animatronic tests. It closed after an electrical explosion occurred during the Antonette prototype test, wich caused the death of hundreds of people. Years later, the investigator comes here to obtain secret files from the facility's computers in order to understand what happened.


It is a fairly large underground building that has fallen into disrepair.


The abandoned facility is the main setting of the game. The player starts off heading down an elevator to the facility, and when they reach the Office Base, they'll be able to use the cameras around the facility to track down Withered Jolly and Withered George's movements. There are 4 different areas of the building. Jolly will go through the left side of the facility (Areas 1 and 3), while George will go through the right side of the facility (Areas 2 and 4). There are a total of 14 cameras in the building. When starting a new game, and during Night 5, the player is able to search around the facility by themselves, but must be careful of encountering Jolly or George.


  • 30% of the lighting is produced by construction lights so it's possible that the construction of this place is not finished.
  • In the trailer for Jolly 4, the facility fell apart after the player got close to Springtrap for unknown reasons.