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Jolly 4, also abbreviated to J4, is the upcoming eighth Jolly game, and is set to be the fifth game in the Jolly timeline, as well as the possible final Jolly game developed by IvanG.


The final chapter of the Jolly series. You have been tasked to work in a warehouse to guard a rebranded version of the beloved animatronics of Jolly Entertainment. However, you aren’t just here for the paycheck. You have a greater purpose here…stay the course.

One goal, four ways to end it.


To be announced.


More characters to be announced.


  • The game's page was leaked at 3/20/2021.
    • The game's page was also hidden, but not deleted the same date.
  • According to Malrat_, the game was supposed to be a surprise, but got ruined due to the alleged leak. However, according to Weshek, Jolly 4 will not be cancelled for something as petty as a leak.
  • Jolly 4 was the first Jolly game to use another engine (Unreal Engine 4), not counting Jollibee's As Above So Below from the Jollibee's timeline.
    • This was later changed back to Clickteam Fusion for unknown reasons.
  • IvanG's team have been working several months at the production of Jolly 4 (which is mentioned in his post posted on 14th August), stating that the release date is currently unknown as he wants to take the time to make it.
    • The game was confirmed to have began development on March of 2021.
  • The game will have four different endings.