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Finish what he started.
— The official tag line.

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Jolly 4, also abbreviated to J4, is the upcoming eighth Jolly game, and is set to be the fifth game in the Jolly timeline, as well as the final Jolly game developed by IvanG.

The latest announcement showed gameplay footage and announcing that Trailer 1 is coming soon. The latest announcement can be found here.


The final chapter of the Jolly series. You have been tasked to work in a facility to guard a rebranded version of the beloved animatronics of Jolly Entertainment. However, you aren’t just here for the paycheck. You have a greater purpose here…stay the course.

One goal, four ways to end it.


The game began development in March 2021 and was to be made on Clickteam, the same engine used to make all the previous Jolly games. However the game page for Jolly 4 was mildly leaked in the same month, with the page getting deleted due to this.

People had doubts about Jolly 4 ever happening, even when the Jolly community on GameJolt's icon changed from a shot of Withered Jolly to some ominous yellow static, which was later confirmed to have secretly been linked to Jolly 4.

Jolly 4, as well as the character of Jolly Goodtime, would eventually be revealed during the Fangames at Freddy's Summer Showcase on August 14th, 2021, with many viewers of the event expressing lots of excitement and hype over its presence. IvanG uploaded a GameJolt post on the same day after the event talking about Jolly 4.

A month later on September 15th, 2021, IvanG and other people set up and RNG in which when someone connects the link pieces together in the correct order, it will take them to a teaser picture of George Goodtime. The picture was posted to GameJolt by IvanG after it was found, which also announced the addition of Mechlus to the Jolly 4 team.

Two weeks later, a poster was uploaded on GameJolt, revealing Tweetie Goodtime, Maxie Goodtime and the hands of a puppet-like character (later revealed to be Tal Goodtime). The hands of the Goodtimes were also updated, giving them more articulation. Other things teased amongst them were a soundtrack list, a schedule, gameplay teaser and a hallway teaser featuring George Goodtime.

On February 8th, 2022, after a nearly-5 month silence, Jolly 4 reached 10,000 followers, and because of this, the rest of the Goodtimes were fully revealed outside of the poster from September 15th, 2021, fully revealing the puppet-like character to be Tal Goodtime.

A teaser was uploaded on TikTok and later on YouTube by IvanG teasing gameplay for Jolly 4 (which would later get taken down after the game was moved back to Clickteam on June 11th)

On June 11th, 2022, due to some controversy regarding Mechlus and Ultranite, they were removed from the team after readjustments, and some assets from Jolly 4 were unfortunately leaked. The game would still continue development as normal without them and would be moved back to Clickteam due to many people being concerned that they can't run the game or have enough storage space to download it when it would be made in Unreal Engine 4, due to its large size.



More characters to be announced...


More to come.


  • The game's page was leaked on March 20th, 2021.
    • The game's page was also hidden, but not deleted at the same date.
    • According to Malrat_, the game was supposed to be a surprise, but got ruined due to the alleged leak. However, according to Weshek, Jolly 4 will not be cancelled for something as petty as a leak.
    • The page came back after Jolly 4 was officially announced on August 2021, under a different description.
  • Jolly 4 was going to be the first Jolly game to use another engine (Unreal Engine 4), not counting Jollibee: As Above So Below from the Jollibee's timeline.
    • This was later changed back to Clickteam Fusion 2.5+ due to accessibility issues from fans that they wouldn’t be able to run the game in their low-end computers which resulted in the free-roam feature being from WASD to point and click.
    • Weshek confirmed that the point and click free-roam will be as similar as “At Dead of Night
  • IvanG's team has been working for several months on the production of Jolly 4 (which is mentioned in his post posted on 14th August), stating that the release date is currently unknown
    • The game was confirmed to have begun development on March of 2021
  • The game takes place 6 years after the broken down ending in the first Jolly game.
  • The Jolly 4 facility acts as both a manufacturing facility and headquarters for Jolly Entertainment The Goodtimes cost 1 million each to make (in universe)
  • Various phobias will be represented in this game.
  • There are an estimated 3 trailers planned for the game.
  • Every floor will have a completely different theme.
  • Weshek’s favourite voice out of the Goodtimes is Maxie’s.
  • There will NOT be an android port for this game. This is due to the large size the game is.
  • There are 3 unreleased characters yet to be seen.
  • Weshek’s least favourite character is Tweetie Goodtime. This is due to just generally thinking the design is standard.
  • According to Weshek, obtaining one ending with minimal deaths will take an estimated 2 hours.
  • There are 8 total floors in the Jolly 4 facility.
  • The game will have four different endings.
  • The game will have at least 27 songs in its soundtrack, according to Weshek. So far, the only songs revealed are called "Sleep Paralysis", "New Nightmare, Same Old Perspective", "Nightmares and Dreamscapes", "In Dreams", “Dream A Little Dream Of Me” and "Jolly".
  • According to Weshek, the scene surrounding the track ‘Dream A Little Dream Of Me” is beautiful.
  • It was confirmed by Weshek in 2022, that Jolly 4 takes place during 2023.
  • George Goodtime can run on all fours.
  • The team plan to release the game on a holiday.
  • Jolly 4’s script is 157 pages long (for comparison, Jolly 3’s script is 19 pages long!)
  • Despite the game’s change in engine, the game will apparently stay the exact same on every aspect (besides free roam gameplay)
  • The animatronics will have voice lines. However, according to Weshek, they will not be included in gameplay or game over lines.
  • It was confirmed by Weshek in 2022, that Jolly 4 will be the biggest, scariest and hardest game out of all the Jolly games.
  • The game was confirmed to have at least two revisions before the current script was utilised.
    • The first script was scrapped because it was so gruesome that Weshek got sick.
    • The second script tried implementing the Pinagsama as a character, but it didn't work and made no sense.