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“You're tired of living the same boring life every day. That's why you're doing this in the first place... right?”
- Theo at the end of Night 5, Jolly 3: Chapter 1

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Jolly 3: Chapter 2, also abbreviated to J3: C2, is the 2nd half of Jolly 3. It takes place directly after Jolly 3: Chapter 1, and is chronologically the 3rd game in the Jolly series, and is the 4th game overall.

Originally meant to be released as an update for Chapter 1, it was instead released as its own separate game on June 11th, 2018.


After the events of the previous chapter, the player and Theo's boss are not satisfied with what they had found in the Jolly Factory, and threatens to fire the player if they don't find "valuable" items. During Night 5 of Chapter 1, Theo informs the player that there's an abandoned underground facility right below the factory, and he says that there is possibly an animatronic down there. The next night, the player heads down to the facility through an elevator, and Chapter 2 officially begins.



The player starts off heading down an elevator to the facility. Once they reach the bottom level, the player must click the red button on the right of the elevator to open the doors. When the player enters the facility, it's completely dark, so they must use their phone's flashlight (by pressing SPACE) or their phone's night-vision (by pressing TAB) to look around the place. Pressing M on their keyboard would make a map of the facility appear. The blue dot beeping on the map is where the player needs to go. The player doesn't have to worry about any animatronics moving around thankfully, as they aren't active yet. Theo points out the location of a possible animatronic, but when the player reaches the location, a robotic voice says that they can't get in because they need a key card, and the only way to get the key card is to work as an "intern" for the facility, and to guard it for five whole nights. Theo will then point out the location of the Office. The player realizes that in order to get that animatronic, they must spend another five nights guarding a Jolly related location.

Night 1

When the Office lights and monitors turn on, the player is greeted by a pre-recorded voice message of Kevin Johnson, CEO of Jolly Entertainment. Kevin will explain the simple mechanics to the player on how to defend themselves against two deadly animatronics placed into the facility. These two animatronics are Withered Jolly and Withered George, who were either placed into the facility by someone, or got in there themselves. Kevin tells the player that they must use the Camera Monitor to track the animatronics, and when they get to the either one of the doors, they must look behind them, flip up the panel, and go to the Jammer tab, where they then must initiate the Jammer to get rid of the animatronics.

There are two phases on each night from Nights 1-4:

Main Night Phase

During each of the five nights, the player spends their time in the Office Base of the facility. Behind the player is a panel, which when pulled up, will show three different tabs: The Radar, the Jammer, and the Maintenance Panel. The Radar allows the player to see the locations of the animatronics, but after it is used, it will reboot for a VERY long time. The Jammer is a device that can fry animatronic circuits, and is the main defense the player must use for the animatronics. When one or both of them is at the door, the player must click the "Initiate" button on the Jammer tab to activate it. This will trigger an alarm, and will result in either Jolly or George's circuits being fried, causing them to retreat back to their starting locations. The player must activate the Jammer immediately when Jolly or George are at the door, because if they turn it on too late, either one of them will kill the the player. The third and final tab on the panel is the Maintenance tab. The player can use this to fix up either the Camera System, the Ventilation in the Office, or the A/C. The player will know when one of these are broken when the blue tab on the Cameras says No Signal (Cameras), there's an alarm beeping and the player starts breathing heavily (Ventilation), and the temperature on the bottom right of the screen starts rising up (A/C). If the temperature reaches 120 degrees, the player gets an instant game over since it gets too hot.

Withered Jolly and Withered George will roam around the facility heading to the office, with Jolly going through the left side of the facility, and George going through the right side of the facility. Before going to the player, George will go to CAM 5 to break the A/C, so the player must check that camera to be ready. However, the animatronic the player must pay attention to the most is Jolly. While George's eyes glow when he's at the door to the right, Jolly doesn't give any visual or audio cues when he's at the left door, so the player must check the cameras to see where he is. If he's in none of them, he's definitely at the door. Each night shift will end at 6:00 AM.

Decryption/House Phase

Your job isn't over yet. After every night (except for Night 5), the player heads back to their home with some files they gathered from the facility. Their job is to simply decrypt them. The player starts off in front of their computer with the files. They have to simply click on the file, and the computer will begin decrypting them. The player has to look at the computer in order for the files to decrypt, as looking behind you will cause the decryption percentage (which can be viewed on the bottom right of the screen) to decrease. There are a total of 10 files the player has to decrypt.

However, there is a problem. Inside your house are the Rusty Animatronics. These animatronics are rather rusty, nightmarish-looking counterparts of the original four FNaF animatronics (Freddy, Bonnie, Chica, and Foxy). These guys will try and attack you from the two doors and the window behind you. The left door leads to a hallway, the middle door is the bathroom, and the right window leads outside. Each Rusty animatronic will attack from these locations. Rusty Bonnie and Rusty Chica will attack from the left, Rusty Foxy will attack from the right window, and Rusty Freddy will attack from the middle door. Defending yourself is actually pretty simple. When you hear a door or the window creak, you must go to the door that's open or the window if it's open, and listen for breathing. If there is no breathing, the player can simply lock the door/window back up (by pressing SHIFT). However, if they do hear breathing, they must shine their light (by pressing CTRL), and this will cause the animatronic to retreat. After this, the player can then close the door. Once all 10 files are decrypted, the segment ends.

Night 2

Starting on Night 2, two new antagonists are active. They are Shadow Tweetie and Shadow Maxie. Their mechanics are similar to the Phantom Animatronics from FNAF 3.

For Shadow Tweetie, every time the player stares at Jolly or George at the cameras for a certain amount of time, she will materialize in the office. The player must look at another camera without any animatronics, or just look in the office to stop her from materializing. If she fully materializes, she will jumpscare the player and give them a ventilation error.

Shadow Maxie is very different. She will appear in a random camera. The player must quickly switch to another camera, or flip the monitor down. If they don't do it fast enough, Shadow Maxie will appear right in front of the player, with the lights flickering. She will prevent the player from using the monitor or turning around. This could put the player in HIGH danger against Jolly and George.

Nights 3-4

These next two nights are basically just like Night 2, except all four animatronics are much more aggressive. The house segments stay the same like always, but the Rusty animatronics will also become more aggressive. No new character is added during these two nights.

Night 5

The final night of the game, but the one that is the longest. After completing the Main Night phase, Theo warns the player that the Oxygen in the facility is not stable, and that they need to go to the Oxygen Control Room to fix it, or else they WILL die in there.

This brings the player to another Free Roam segment like on Night 1. This time, however, is that the player must now go to the Oxygen Control Room. However, George is lurking around the facility, and the player must avoid him. When the player hears breathing, that means George is in front of them. Flashing their light or using the night-vision will show him right in front of the player. In order to avoid being killed, the player must hold their breath (by holding SHIFT) so that George won't notice them. Keep in mind that they can't hold their breath for too long, as indicated by the warning sign that will flash on the breathing meter (which is at the bottom left of the screen.) Once George is not in-front of the player, the player can move on to the Control Room. Also keep in mind that the player can still hear breathing even when George is no longer in front of them. If the player moves forward while George is still in front of them, they will (obviously) be killed.

Oxygen Control Room

When the player reaches the Control Room, they will notice that it has a very similar design and feel to the Office from Jolly. There's a camera system to the left, a door to the right, a window in-front of them, and a light switch underneath the window to shine on the area behind the window. To the right is a panel that allows the player to fix the Oxygen stability. They must click on each tab until it's 100%, where they can move on to the next. Similar to the House segments, there are 10 tabs the player must click on, and if they pull down the panel, the percentage will go down.

Jolly and George will head towards the office, and they can be viewed from the cameras. However, the cameras are actually pretty useless, as both Jolly and George have audio cues when they're behind the window. The player has to listen for them while fixing the Oxygen Stability. When they hear a creak, that means Jolly or George are at the window. They shouldn't shut the door yet however, as they will stand behind the window for a while. However, when the player hears a SECOND creak, they must shut the door, and they will then hear metallic footsteps of the animatronic leaving. So remember, the first audio cue is Jolly or George behind the window, the second audio cue is them heading to the door, and the third is them leaving from the door.

Once the Oxygen Stability reaches 100%, the Oxygen Room Segment ends.

Final Free Roam Segment and Bad Ending

The player is then tasked to go to the room that they tried to go into from the very start of the game. This time though, the player has to avoid both George AND Jolly while walking to the room. Following the same steps as before, the player will finally enter the room, using the Keycard they got as a reward for completing all of their shifts.

The player will be heading down to another level in another elevator, as Theo tells them that this is where they will finally find the animatronic they were looking for. When the elevator reaches the bottom, it opens, and the dark room's lights will turn on one by one, with the final light revealing the said-to-be animatronic: Springtrap.

The credits will then roll, and the game will reveal that they got the "Bad" Ending to the game.



Returning from Chapter 1

New Characters



  • IvanG - Writer
  • SocialExile - Voice of Phone Guy; Tester
  • Saana Hickling - Voice of Tweetie, Antonette
  • Pigsty55 - Additional concepts; Voice of Maxie, Testing man, and Intern; Tester
  • HatMaster777 - Voice of George, Jolly, Kevin Johnson; Tester
  • Sonicyay2 - Tester
  • PyroRapidFox (Now known as Smilerfurcifer) - Tester
  • Seven - Tester
  • BubblePipeMedia - Composer
  • inhaleghost - Composer
  • DJ-HL - Composer
  • ET16 - Composer
  • MusicGamer-11 - Composer
  • MC-Jimmy - Composer
  • JigglePuffClient - Composer
  • adaMilla - Composer
  • Kevin MacLeod - Composer


  • This is the only game where the titular antagonist is not the last animatronic to be active.
    • In fact, Jolly is one of the first antagonists active.
  • Rusty animatronics are Hallucinations.
  • This is currently the final game in the Jolly series.
    • It used to be Jollibee's: Phase 2, but due to the licensing issues, the game was taken down, making the final game Jolly 3: Chapter 2 once more.
      • This was changed to Jolly 4 when that game was announced.
  • Unlike the other games in the series, Chapter 2 has four different game over screens, and they all depend on where the player dies in the game.
  • The game is filled to the brim with cameos, as well as hilarious references and easter eggs.
    • Freddy's Jolly 2 model can be seen on, as the header image for Fazbear Entertainment.
    • On the Photos app, one can see a newspaper relating to Circus Baby's comeback, assumingly linking this game with Jolly 1 due to that game taking place in 2017 and having Circus Baby's Pizza World play a role.
    • Several YouTubers and several animatronics from other FNaF fangames and core FNaF games make cameos in the YouTube parody of the game's mobile phone interface, called "WeTube"
      • The YouTubers who make cameos are listed:
        • TheGameSalmon
        • EthGoesBOOM
        • Dawko
        • 8-Bit Gaming
        • Taste Gaming
        • FusionZGamer
        • CoryXKenshin
        • Omar Sebali
        • TheNextGenius
        • POIISED
        • VaporTheGamer
        • Razzbowski
      • The characters and animatronics that make cameos in the thumbnails are listed:
        • Cuphead
        • Mugman
        • AMIREAL
        • Candy Cadet
        • Baldi
        • Marionette
        • Rockstar Freddy
        • Funtime Chica
        • Rockstar Foxy
        • Pigpatch
        • Nedd Bear
        • Happy Frog
        • Orville Elephant
        • Mr. Hippo
        • Hamburglar
        • Foxy
        • Withered Bonnie
        • Toy Freddy
        • Lefty
        • Havoc Foxy
        • Golden Call
        • Circus Baby
        • Nightmare Bidybabs
        • Reaper Springbonnie
        • Plushtrap
        • Nightmare
        • Nightmare Fredbear
        • Helpy
        • Balloon Boy
        • JJ
        • Golden Freddy
        • Phantom Freddy
        • Chica from "Post-Shift"
        • Ink Bendy
        • Fredbear from "Final Nights 4"
      • Since the game was released in mid-2018, indie franchises such as Baldi, Bendy and Cuphead were still fairly popular, which explains why these games make cameos on WeTube.
      • Ultimate Custom Night was also released over 2 weeks after Jolly 3: Chapter 2 came out, which explains EthGoesBoom and Dawko's UCN-related videos on WeTube.


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