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Jolly 3: Chapter 1, also abbreviated to J3: C1, is the third game in the JOLLY series and chronologically the second game in the entire series (counting the Jollibee's series).


Thirty-two years after the incident has happened, an indie entertainment company sets out on a mission to revive the unsolved mysteries of Freddy Fazbear's Pizza! This Halloween, they will open a horror attraction called "Fazbear's Fright" featuring ancient and original artifacts which made childhood memories who should never be spoken about again.

This time, they set out location to location to find more items to put in their attraction. Their first target would be in an abandoned factory where Jolly Entertainment used to be in! Conspiracy theorists nationwide are more than hyped! And hopes to find clues that will solve the mysteries once and for all.


Camera Panel

The Camera Panel is self explanatory. It allows you to see every room (minus the two rooms on both sides of the office) in the building. Each camera has its own fan (minus the two rooms on both sides of the office). These fans can and will break during your shift. When a fan breaks, a beeping sound is audible, but a fan icon appears in the bottom left corner of the screen. As this occurs, your vision will slowly darken, until you can't see much. To counter this, you must quickly find the camera that has the broken fan and hit the "Repair fan" button. This will fix the fan temporarily.

If you click the wrench icon, you will be able to see the Maintenance Screen. This screen allows you to track oxygen and gas supply, along with giving you the ability to repair the gas system. When a fan breaks, the map display shimmers saying "Visual Error" as the oxygen supply slowly tinkles down. Also, the gas supply will malfunction from time to time. To stop it from malfunctioning, click the Repair button, then refill it.

The Office

The office resembles the office from FNAF2, just with a FNAF Sister Location look to it. There are windows to the left and right of you, that can be visible by clicking the light button below them.

There is a lever on the left half of the office that activates a pipe above you. This pipe excretes gas, which is meant to fry animatronic circuits. If any animatronics happen to get into your office, this lever will get rid of them if it's pulled down. After that, you will lose some gas supply. If you lose a little bit of it, just refill it. Also, the gas will cause you to lose some oxygen supply, so it isn't recommended to pull the lever if a fan breaks, considering that this will make Metal Foxy kill you even faster.

There are also light buttons under the windows to the left and right allowing you to see if Tweetie and Maxie are gone. They also allows you to see the location of Metal Bonnie.

Ahead of you, there is a dark hallway which is the last room the animatronics travel through before reaching you. You can click on the hallway to walk further into the building at 6am.






  • In the mobile port, pressing start on the custom night will send you to Octagon Junction, although you cannot interact with anything.
  • In the mobile port, a red background can be seen around the animatronics when they appear in the office.


  • Before the announcement that Chapter 2 would be a separate game, the Underground Update was going to be a continuation to Night 5.
  • The time is revealed to be 9/21/17 on the first night [when you look at the maintenance screen]. Then, in Jolly 3: Chapter 2, you 'stole' Springtrap, so it's possible that it took place before Jolly.
  • The game was released for Android on December 25, 2017, soon after IvanG announced Update/Chapter 2 would be a separate game.
  • Recently, there was an update to the game adding a new menu screen (with a picture of the Octagon Junction) that was layered.
  • A fan icon was added so you don't have to rely on audio/slight visual cues to know a fan is broken before it's too late.
    • The same thing was done for the gas system.
    • Jolly 3 takes place 32 years after Jolly 2.
    • Jolly 3 takes place 2 months before Jolly 1.


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