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Legends always return.
— Teaser tagline.

Jolly 2, also abbreviated to J2, is a point and click horror game by IvanG. It is chronologically the first game in the first story of the Jolly saga. The game takes place on a Cargo Ship, instead of a restaurant, and there are two animatronics from Jolly's Fantasy World and four from Freddy Fazbear's Pizza.


After the closing of Freddy Fazbear's Pizza in 1985, the animatronics are being shipped as cargo to another location where it will hopefully be used for good.

You're guarding the cargo.


The player is working the night-shift on a cargo boat that is meant to transport the animatronics to "A safer place for investigation". You have to guard the animatronics on the Cargo Ship, so they can be prevented from killing you.  The animatronics will try to get you by walking to one of the doors in your office. Check the cameras to your left and right.

If they're in your left or right, and the signal in the cameras cut out, zap them by clicking the orange button next to the open door to fry their circuits, causing them to do a system restart. If you ever want to, you can zap the animatronics in the cameras by zapping at their location. This can be in the event of someone else getting to you. But the zaps in the camera aren't as "strong" as the ones in your doors.

The zapping you do in the cameras just deactivates the animatronic for a while, then they will become active again eventually. If you look behind you, you'll find 4 pipes. Those pipes are what allow you to shock the animatronics in the cameras. If a pipe leaks, click on the pipe valve to fix it. If you try hitting the shock button while the pipes leak, the camera will block you from doing that because it is "for your own safety". The phone guy also claims that the pipes leaking could cause a chain reaction, leading to the shock reaching you.


After winning a night you have an 8-bit minigame. In 8-bit minigames you play as a security guard in Freddy Fazbear's Pizza and your objective is to follow Purple Guy or go to the restrooms where is safe room located. This objective is same in all five 8-bit minigames, the only change is that the different kids are being kidnaped by Purple Guy.

After beating an 8-bit minigame you have a Time To Sleep, a time based minigame where you as a player need to fulfill a sleep bar, by doing that you will time skip 2 hours on your next shift, starting at 2 A.M. By failing this objective you will start on 12 A.M.

True Ending

The true ending is obtainable by dying on Night 5 or 6 or going to the Extras and clicking on the Jolly sprite in left down corner. You will enter a minigame and then play as Jolly. Your objective in this minigame is to give 9 hamburgers to 9 children, after that collect a bonus hamburger. When you get the bonus, go to the 2nd floor of the minigame and head to the right side. You will stand on an invisible platform, then jump to the right side and you will appear in a different area of the minigame.

Continue to the right and then you will see a crying girl in a pink shirt, she will notice Jolly and then will then proceed to approach and hug him. After that, William Afton will run towards Jolly and the pink-shirted girl, and a cutscene will play which the view is moving away from the arcade machine. After that, the credits roll, and a a post-credits scene will play where the Jolly animatronic is standing with its eyes unlit. That suggests that the soul in the suit has been freed, as in the bad ending, the eyes are lit. A "True ending." inscription will then appears.






  • Some people (such as Tylerland264) considered Jolly 2 as the weakest Jolly game due to its boring gameplay in the earlier nights, and unbalanced mechanics in general.
    • This is probably since IvanG took only two months to make this game, as confirmed in a livestream, and the fact he was 13 when he made the game.
  • This game and the original Jolly are the only games in the series without transparency issues in their mobile ports.
  • The mobile port was released on New Year's Day 2017.
  • This is the last Jolly game, and the last game overall made by IvanG to be released in 2016.
  • The "Time To Sleep" minigame is based on Five Night's at Freddy's 4's "Fun with Plushtrap", but with Foxy.
  • Only two soundtracks in the game were made by IvanG, which were uploaded on his channel on July 9th, 2018.
    • One of them, "Rusty Metal", predicts the Metal and Rusty animatronics in both chapters of Jolly 3.
    • The rest of the music is made by Alice Mako.
  • Most of the sound effects are from, the textures are taken from, and most music are from Newgrounds audio.
  • The cutscenes are edited in Sony Vegas 11.0.
  • This is the first game to officially be part of a timeline.
  • The jumpscare sound for this game is made up of several screaming robot audio clips, although it does kind of sound like a cargo ship funnel too.
  • This is the only installment in the Jolly series (not counting the removed Jollibee's games) not to include Tweetie nor Maxie in any way, shape or form.
  • After beating Night 6 you may get a teaser minigame of Jolly 3.


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