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Jolly, stylized as JOLLY, also abbreviated to J1, is a point and click horror game created by IvanG. It was released on October 4th, 2016 and is chronologically the fourth game in the Jolly series.

This game was the first game of the second story of the Jolly saga, as it was originally connected to the Jollibee's franchise. It was formerly the last Jolly game in the timeline until 2018, when Jollibee's was announced, gaining a story path. Due to the Jollibee's games being taken down due to copyright, they are most likely non-canon to the Jolly games now.

It was considered after Jollibee's: Phase 2 to make a remake of Jolly, but this was cancelled since it didn't get IvanG's approval. More information can be seen here.


Welcome to Jolly's Fantasy World! Eat our food or plan a party, Jolly's Fantasy World is the place to go!

Starring everyone's favorite bee, Jolly!

People just can't get enough of Jolly and his gang. Work hours are now extended! Can you survive five nights?


The gameplay in JOLLY is very similar to that of other FNAF fan games.

As the night guard (Mikhail Schmidt), the player has to fend off Jolly and his gang throughout the entire game (excluding the post-night mini-games). The player is confined to the office on the bottom floor. A security door is located at the right of the office, and a large window is located toward the left side, which can be illuminated from the other side.

In addition to this, there is a camera system, which can be controlled. Not only can this be used to monitor the animatronics' locations, but it can also be used to prevent Tweetie and Jolly from travelling through the elevator to the floor the player is located on. The camera system can also be used to shut both vents next to the party rooms that Maxie and George reside in.

The charging panel at the far right must also be used to take power from the generator and transfer it to the building power.

There is also another camera system mechanic which involves the Metalionette animatronic. For her, the player is required to make sure the wires don't disconnect from her body. A loud siren/beep and red light will be activated when a wire is about to break. Failure to reconnect the breaking wire back on will result in the wire breaking off completely. If ALL of the wires are ignored, she will escape through the ceilings and walls to reach the player in the office, which will result in a Game Over.


Some time before the events of the game, a new restaurant called "Circus Baby's Pizza World" was opened and immediately began to pull customers away from other establishments, including the restaurant, Jolly's Fantasy World, which is owned and operated by Jolly Entertainment. The CEO of Jolly Entertainment, Kevin Johnson, immediately decides to compete with CBPW and orders the construction of five animatronics to be used in Jolly's Fantasy World. These animatronics can move around during the day and are quite advanced. Around this time is when Mikhail Schmidt begins his job as a night guard at Jolly's Fantasy World.

It is revealed at the end of the short-lived Jollibee's: Phase 2 that these animatronics were part of a Soul Captivation project, where Kevin Johnson was experimenting with these animatronics to preserve human life within them.


During the events of the game, the player will go through multiple minigames, which explains the story of the game.

Night 1

The Night 1 minigame involves the player controlling Jolly, and starts on the Main Stage next to Tweetie. The player needs to get to the Parts N' Service room, where Metalionette is first located. Once you get there, she will lead the player to the Elevator, where the game will end and move on to the next night.

Night 2

The Night 2 minigame involves the player controlling Jolly again and is required to travel to the Parts N' Service room, where Metalionette is seen chained to the wall with the same wires from the main game. Once there, she will say "It's okay.", which appears on the bottom left of the screen. Then, the player must leave the room, but will be attacked and presumably deactivated by an employee.

Night 3

The Night 3 minigame starts on the 1st Floor, where a gathering of children has occurred. The player must make their way to the Kitchen, where the same employee from the previous minigame will be waiting. The guard was not expecting Jolly to arrive there, so he attacks and deactivates him.

Night 4

The Night 4 minigame begins on the same floor as in the Night 3 minigame. Jolly will have to move to the Kitchen again. This time, however, the guard has finished preparing a "good meal" for the children to enjoy. Following him is useless, as Jolly is incredibly slow. Moving to the Party Room you started at causes the guard to attack and deactivate you.

Night 5

In Night 5, you play as Jolly again, but the style switches from an 8-bit mini-game to a cutscene. The perspective of the cutscene is of the lens of Jolly in the Kitchen for a few seconds before the cutscene ends and the words "look at what you've done" will appear. According to Jollibee's, after this minigame takes place, the children ate the food and died from food poisoning.

Nights 6 and 7

Nights 6 and 7 both lack a minigame and cutscene. Instead, an overtime check on Night 6 and a PINK SLIP on Night 7 is shown to the player, stating that they are "No longer needed", as the animatronics have been destroyed. A picture of a severely mutilated and disassembled George can be seen behind the pink slip in Night 7's newspaper.





  • In the mobile version, tapping both the left and right side of the screen while the night is loading will cause both the generator panel and the camera panel to flip open, while they can still be interacted with. However, the generator panel is static and cannot be interacted with, meaning that it is not possible to look around the office.
  • While Jolly is clogging the door, if the light is turned on and put the cameras are active, the banging sound when an animatronic leaves the window will be heard, but Jolly will not move, allowing any animatronics in the window area to move to the office.
  • In the mobile version, if the player is on the same camera floor as the elevator and taps where the "Toggle Elv. Floor" button would be on a different cam, the elevator will still move.
    • The same can be done with the vent sealing.
  • In the mobile version, switching to the elevator camera while fixing a wire will work, but it restricts the ability to view any other camera until the wire has been fixed.
  • If you mute the phone call, the subtitles will continue to pop up.


  • IvanG was only 13 years old when he made this game.
  • The song used in the game's trailer is "Downfall" by a musical artist, Nuclear Sun:
  • According to the paycheck you get when the player completes Night 5, the date shows that it's November 10, 2017.
  • The game uses two music box melodies, the "1900 Swiss Mira Music Box: Play Song; Vintage Entertainment, Mus" (originating from "Miserere from Il Trovatore") and the "1860 Nicole Freres Grand Format Music Box: Play Song; Vintage En" (origin currently unknown). Both melodies can be found here and here.
  • Jolly is based off the main mascot of the well known Filipino fast food chain, "Jollibee".
  • The game's trailer can be found here.
  • In rare occasions, a red-colored version of Jolly can appear on the poster in CAM 4, which spawns Red Fantasy Jolly Prototype. He sits in the office, causing hallucinations of his face with white glowing eyes and the phrase "HELP ME". He then jumpscares the player with a flashing close-up of his face, causing the game to crash, much like Golden Freddy from FNaF.
  • This game, along with Jolly 2, are the only games in the series without transparency issues in their mobile ports.
  • This game's story had been abandoned completely according to IvanG here until Jollibee's was announced as the sequel to this game.
    • Despite this it seems IvanG has made attempts to make Jolly 1 canon again with Jolly 3: Chapter 2 and the Jollibee's series.
    • Due to the Jollibee games being taken down they are most likely considered non-canon now to the Jolly series.
  • The game had a beta demo in around mid-2016. In the demo version:
    • There are only 2 main nights instead of 5.
    • Jolly doesn't do anything due to being activated in Night 3.
    • Tweetie has a different jumpscare animation.
    • All the jumpscares are not inverted in their last frame.
    • Maxie is absent, possibly due to IvanG not creating her until after the demo.
    • Antonette is present, but doesn't do anything. It's possible that she could've moved around the restaurant like the other animatronics and went through CAM 08 (a.k.a. the useless camera), due to the wires mechanic not existing.


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