Jollibee's Show Stage is where Jollibee resides and starts from. It is a medium-sized room with a white tiled floor, two tables with six chairs each, and Jollibee's stage, which consists of a brown floor, and purple curtains.




In the night shift segments, Jollibee will start here. On Night 4, the player has to mop the floor here due to the janitor not showing up. In the post-shift segment, flick the mouse down to look down, and press W while looking down to mop. As the player works, Jollibee will move. Unlike the other animatronics, he moves silently, so check back at him regularly. When whilst looking at Jollibee's stage, press control (CTRL) to shine the flashlight, and use the mouse to control where you shine it. Jollibee will appear on the left or the right. When the player shines their light in Jollibee's eyes, he will move away. Once Jollibee has done his first attack, the stage will be empty, leaving the player no hint of Jollibee's whereabouts.




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