Jollibee: As Above So Below (or Jollibee AASB) is the cancelled seventh Jolly game, and the third Jollibee's game.

It was to be a free-roaming game made using the Unreal Engine, but it ended up being cancelled due to copyright issues revolving between the real Jollibee restaurant and IvanG.


NOTE: Some details written are from Weshek.

Jollibee: As Above So Below was scripted to be the largest game in the series. It was almost completely free-roam, with very little point and click. The player would have to walk through forests, on beaches, through a warehouse, and in other areas. It would have had around 16 different levels (after-shift sequences and extras minigames included) which never would have been identical.

The script was made so the game would feel like a merge between universes (Jolly and Jollibee's). Both members from the Jolly franchise and the Jollibee's franchise were included.

It would have been the final game in both the Jolly series and the Jollibee's series.


It is unknown what the plot for this game was going to be about, but since the game is confirmed to take place after Jollibee's, the plot would possibly begin after the Death/True Ending in Jollibee's, where after Hetty collapses onto and kills Justin Smith, they inspected the location and the animatronics.

Characters (confirmed)

Returning from Jollibee's & Jollibee's: Phase 2

Returning from JOLLY

New Characters


After the removal of Jollibee's and its sequel, development on this game went to a complete stop. Months later, development of Jolly 4 would begin.

Some time before Jolly 4's reveal, Weshek decided to sell the 200 page script of the game.


  • This game would have been the fifth game in the Jolly series and the third game in the Jollibee's series at the same time.
  • This game was going to be an incredibly large game, due to the high amount of content and the confirmation of post-shift sequences.
  • The game was confirmed to take place between Jollibee's and its sequel, making it a "midquel".
  • This game would be similar to games like "The Joy of Creation", due to them being free-roam.
  • Jolly and Hetty are the only two characters from the game to be revealed.
  • It is confirmed that Hetty and Twirlie would've appeared in their Phase 1 forms, while Popo, Yum and Jollibee would've appeared in their Phase 2 forms.
    • It's confirmed that the latter three didn’t need replacement, so they weren’t taken to the warehouse.
  • This game would've marked the debut of the Pinagsama.