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Jollibee's: Phase 2, "Phase 2" or "Jollibee's 2" to some fans, was a sequel to Jollibee's and chronologically the sixth and supposedly final game in the Jolly series. But unfortunately, this game, along with Jollibee's, got removed due to the official Jollibee company asking IvanG to take them down. The game, before it got removed, was following up the story after the death of Justin Smith and Kevin Johnson's plan from the previous game.


August 17, 2037. Three days after the closure of Jollibee's because of health code violations, the animatronics are sent out for further investigation. It is your job to guard the animatronics before they are shipped out to another location.


Night Shift

The player plays/works as an employee of the shipping company, LBM Shipments, Inc. (LBM Shipments Inc Warehouse). Their job is to transport boxes each night shift. To do this, they must use the workstation panel on the left side of the office that controls the conveyor belts and security systems. On the first night, 50 boxes must be transported to their respective conveyer belts. The boxes and tracks are labelled by a letter (A, B, C, D, and E). To transport them, the player needs to click and drag the node to the other corresponding side. The number of boxes increases by 25 boxes each new night, reaching its maximum of 100 boxes on Night 3. It is recommended to keep track of the box/track labels, otherwise errors will be added to the counter on the bottom left corner of the area on the screen. Errors are counted when a box is ignored or misplaced. If the player gets 1 error, 50$ will be removed from the paycheck at the end of the night. The maximum amount of errors the player can get is 15. If any more are added, the result will be a GAME OVER screen.

The workstation panel also contains four tabs: Motion Detect, Cameras, Audio, and Hack. These systems decrease their stability the more you use them. The less the stability is, the higher the chance it can go offline. However, there is a maintenance panel at the right side of the office to reboot them. It takes about 3-5 seconds to reboot any system.


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  • This game and the previous one got taken down.
    • The main reason why the games got removed were because in July 2020, IvanG got contacted by a lawyer of Jollibee, telling him to remove the two games for tarnishing the company's public image as well as for copyright infringement.
    • The two games haven't been on GameJolt since then, and the only people who can play the games are ones who still have them downloaded or on their Game Library on Client.
  • Mac Tonight, a character from Photo Negative Mickey's game series, "Five Nights with Mac Tonight," was supposed to have an Easter egg cameo at the window. It is unknown if it was kept in the final game.
  • A Freddy mask, a vintage Bonnie action figure, and Foxy's head, as well as plushies for George, Maxie and Tweetie all show up as buyable office decorations, along with a Jollibee Funko Pop.
  • This game has had the most updates out of all of IvanG's games, going up to version 1.8.1. before being removed.
  • This game featured updated designs for the five main animatronics. When they were first shown, people weren't happy, until they were explained to be more based on the real mascots.
  • Someone uploaded the game to MediaFire for anyone to play. (note this is an older version, there is a download link for 1.81).
  • There is a sixth mascot in the Jollibee brand as of October 2021, called Champ.
    • He is a boxing champion with red boxing gloves and a burger for a head.
    • The reason why he doesn't appear in the game is because the game was developed in 2019 and came out in April 2020, and Champ was still retired back then from 1984 to the early 2000s, as he didn't return until October 31st, 2020.
  • The Gamejolt page for this game can still be viewed via the Wayback Machine archive.
  • Originaly this game was the final game in the Jolly series, but after got taken down, was changed to Jolly 3: Chapter 2 and then to Jolly 4 after being announced.