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Jollibee was the titular antagonist of the removed game Jollibee's, alongside Hetty. He was the main mascot of the Jollibee's Restaurant before it was shut down due to health violations. He attacks the player during the night and is hostile.

In Jollibee's Phase 2, a different Jollibee animatronic from another unknown location appears as the titular antagonist.

The Phase 2 Jollibee animatronic was going to return as the titular antagonist in Jollibee: As Above, So Below, before its cancellation.



Jollibee looks very similar to his real life counterpart. He is a red mascot animatronic bee with big eyes and a big smile. He wears a white chef's hat, along with a red suit, a black bowtie, three white buttons on his suit, white hands/gloves, and yellow shoes. He looks a bit shorter than his real life counterpart, and his body is less wide and more skinny. When he's at the door to the office, and during his jumpscare, his eyes are gone, and are replaced with small red glowing pupils, just like all of the other animatronics during their jumpscares. Also, his animatronic teeth can be seen during his jumpscare.

Jollibee’s Phase 2

Unlike the Jollibee's incarnation of Jollibee, the Phase 2 incarnation resembles the real-life Jollibee a lot more, as he is much taller, looks more like a real life animatronic, and his head is a bit smaller. His whole face remains the same as he roams around the LBM Shipments warehouse, even during his jumpscare, with the only difference being that his pupils are larger. This makes him quite possibly the scariest out of all the animatronics in the game.


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The Jollibee's incarnation of Jollibee was an animatronic for the Jollibee's restaurant chain before it was shut down due to health and safety issues. It is unknown what happened to him, but it is assumed that he is still in the restaurant since he didn't really do anything wrong during the incident with the restaurant's Hetty.

Jollibee’s Phase 2

The Phase 2 incarnation of Jollibee originated from a different, unknown restaurant, and was stored in the Jolly Entertainment warehouse along with the Phase 2 incarnations of Yum and Popo during the events of Jollibee's: As Above So Below, possibly since they needed checking before they could be taken to the LBM Shipments Warehouse, which is where he would end up during the events of Jollibee's: Phase 2.


In the Death Ending of Jollibee's, Phase 2 Jollibee is briefly seen in the ending after Kevin Johnson says "Very well, now onto Phase 2". Jollibee's eyes and mouth start glowing red, right in the player's view.


In the now private VHS styled trailer for Jollibee's: Phase 2, the Phase 1 Jollibee can be seen multiple times, becoming more and more horrifying throughout the video. The Phase 2 Jollibee can be seen with the Phase 2 designs of Popo, Twirlie, Yum and Hetty, at the near end of the video with a music box playing ominously in the background.

In Jollibee's: Phase 2, while it wasn't stated, he was probably destroyed to cover up evidence.



Description Audio
Jollibee's jumpscare sound. This is shared with the other mascots in Jollibee’s.

Jollibee’s: Phase 2

Description Audio
Jollibee’s jumpscare sound, as shared with other mascots in Jollibee’s: Phase 2.
A jumpscare audio that could sometimes play when the player directs their flashlight to Jollibee, shared with other mascots in Phase 2.
The sounds of Jollibee moving under table, shared with Hetty and Twirlie in Phase 2.
The sounds that plays when Jollibee stops moving in the office, shared with Jollibee and Twirlie in Phase 2
The audio that plays when Jollibee leaves the office or hides in it, shared with Hetty and Twirlie in Phase 2.
Jollibee's breathing sound in the Jobs section of Phase 2, shared with the other mascots except for Hetty.



  • His full name is Jollibee E. Rodriguez in real life.
  • Jollibee and Yum in Phase 1 don't have mouths like the other animatronics, but they do in Phase 2.
  • The two incarnations of Jollibee from Jollibee's and Jollibee's: Phase 2 were confirmed by Weshek to be different animatronics, and not the same.
  • Like Twirlie, her eyes turn red when he is at the door in Phase 1.
  • In Jollibee's Phase 1, he is slimmer than his real life counterpart, but in Jollibee's: Phase 2, he is back to his normal size.
  • Like the other animatronics, he only has four fingers on each hand in both phases.
  • Like all of the jumpscares in both of the phases, he has visible endoskeleton teeth.
  • Jollibee's gender is debatable in real life, while he is a male in the games.
    • The Facebook and Twitter pages say that Jollibee is female, while in the 2008 TV series "Jollitown", Jollibee speaks with a rather masculine voice, and is referred by he/him/his pronouns. It is unknown why.
  • When he backs off after being shined by the flashlight in his minigame, his legs don't actually move. Furthermore, his top torso floats off of his pelvis, and the left leg slightly detaches from it.

Jollibee’s: Phase 2

  • Phase 2 Jollibee more closely resembles the real life Jollibee mascot, though he still does resemble Red Fantasy Jolly Prototype and Classic Jolly a bit too.
  • As seen in the Death Ending of Phase 1, Jollibee's Phase 2 form would've had glowing red eyes.
  • Jollibee in Phase 2 is said by a few people to be so scary in his jumpscare that he resembles a real life bee.
  • Like the other animatronics, he has a dusty and older appearance.
    • This is probably because he was kept in storage for some time.


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