Jollibee was the titular antagonist of the removed games Jollibee's and Jollibee's Phase 2, alongside Hetty.

He was going to return as the titular antagonist in Jollibee's As Above So Below, before its cancellation.


Phase 1

Jollibee looks very similar to his real life counterpart. He is a red humanoid bee with big eyes and a big smile. He wears a white chef's hat, along with a red suit, a black bowtie, three white buttons on his suit, white hands/gloves, and yellow shoes. He looks a bit shorter than his real life counterpart, and his body is less wide and more skinny. When he's at the door to the office, and during his jumpscare, his eyes are gone, and are replaced with small red glowing pupils, just like all of the other animatronics during their jumpscares. Also, his animatronic teeth can be seen during his jumpscare.

Phase 2

He's been redesigned, and looks a LOT different, and resembles the real life Jollibee a lot more, as he is much taller, looks more like a real life animatronic, and his head is a bit smaller. His whole face remains the same as he roams around the LBM Shipments warehouse, even during his jumpscare, with the only difference being that his pupils are larger. This makes him quite possibly the scariest out of all the animatronics in the game.


Phase 1

Jollibee will come from his stage and onto your door. Turn the lights off in a timely fashion to make him go away.
~ character hints

Jollibee becomes active during Night 3. When he activates, he will move from his stage, then to the Party Hallway, and then to the Front Hallway, before appearing at the doorway in front of you. You will know he is at the door because his face appears there and his eyes have turned red. You have to turn the power off to make sure he doesn't see you in the office. Once this is done, he will go away. If you don't turn the power off or take too long to do it, Jollibee will enter the office and jumpscare you, ending the night. On Night 4, after the player has survived the night, they must go to Jollibee's Show Stage to mop the floor. During the process, Jollibee will sometimes appear on the left or right side of the room, and the player must shine the light on him to make him go away. However, unlike Yum, who returns to his stage after he is fended off, he doesn't return to his stage and doesn't make footsteps when he appears in one of the sides(Actually, unlike the other antagonists, he doesn't make noises when he appears, but he does when he leaves.), meaning that the player has to be very aware of the sides.

Phase 2

Jollibee will start moving in the warehouse during Night 4. He will wander around with his friends through the facility, and can be tracked with Motion Detector. The player can keep him away from the office by either hacking his system and making him move to another place, or by playing audio in another room to lure him and the others away. Once he appears in the office window, the player must hide under the desk, similar to what they do to get rid of Twirlie and Hetty. He will then enter the office, and look underneath the desk for the player, meaning they must avoid his line of sight. If done successfully, Jollibee will retreat and go to another room. However, if he stares at the player for too long, or if the player comes out from the desk, then Jollibee will seemingly leave, only to immediately kill them when they flip the panel to ship some boxes.

In the Driving minigame, he and Hetty are the animatronics trying to attack the player. While Hetty stays inside the truck, Jollibee will appear on the left or right side next to the truck, so the player must shine their flashlight light on him to make him go away. Occasionally, he will appear right in front of the player, out of sight, breathing. The player must hold their breath and NOT shine the light, and he will go away. Be careful when he's breathing, as not shining the light will make Hetty start to move out of the truck, and will put the player at risk of being killed.

Ending Appearances

In the Death Ending of Phase 1, Jollibee's Phase 2 appearance is briefly seen in the ending. After Kevin Johnson says "Very well, now onto Phase 2". Jollibee's eyes and mouth start glowing red, right in the player's view.

In the now privated VHS styled trailer for Jollibee's: Phase 2, the Phase 1 Jollibee can be seen multiple times, becoming more and more horrifying throughout the video. The Phase 2 Jollibee can be seen with the Phase 2 designs of Popo, Twirlie, Yum and Hetty, at the end of the video with a music box from Jolly playing ominously in the background.


Description Audio
Jollibee's jumpscare sound. This is shared with the other mascots in Phase 1.

Warning loud

Jollibee's jumpscare sound, as shared with other mascots in Phase 2.

Warning loud

Jollibee's moving sound under table, shared with Hetty and Twirlie in Phase 2.
Plays when Jollibee stops moving in the office, shared with Jollibee and Twirlie in Phase 2
May be played when player direct your flashlight to Jollibee, shared with other mascots in Phase 2
Plays when Jollibee leaves the office or hides in it, shared with Hetty and Twirlie
Jollibee's breathing sound in Phase 2, shared with the other mascots except for Hetty.


  • Phase Two Jollibee more closely resembles the real life Jollibee mascot, though he still does resemble Classic Jolly a bit too.
  • Jollibee and Yum in Phase 1 don't have mouths like the other animatronics, but they do in Phase 2.
  • Like Twirlie, his eyes turn red when he is at the door in Phase 1.
  • In Jollibee's Phase 1, he is slimmer than his real life counterpart, but in Jollibee's: Phase 2, he is back to his normal size.
  • Like the other animatronics, he only has four fingers on each hand in both phases.
  • Like all of the jumpscares in both of the phases, he has visible endoskeleton teeth.
  • As seen in the Death Ending of Phase 1, Jollibee's Phase 2 form would've had glowing red eyes. However, this turned out to be false.
  • Jollibee's gender is debatable in real life, while he is a male in the games.
    • The Facebook and Twitter pages say that Jollibee is female, while in the 2008 TV series Jollitown, Jollibee speaks with a rather masculine voice, and is referred to with he/him/his pronouns. It is unknown why.
  • Jollibee in Phase 2 is said by a few people to be so scary in his jumpscare that he resembles a real life bee.
  • His full name is Jollibee E. Rodriguez in real life.