Jack Carson is the main protagonist of Jolly 3: Chapter 1 and Chapter 2. He's a staff member of Fazbear's Fright but also privately working as an investigator.


Jack Carson was presumably born in 1990-1992, and was hired as a staff member for Fazbear's Frights on an unknown date. He was also secretly hired by his boss, an investigator that works for, as a private investigator.

In Chapter 1, he was tasked to take artifacts from the Jolly Factory back to Fazbear's Fright, accompanied with his friend Theo via phone, but he's unsuccessful with the mission; finding a book, some drawings and cassette tapes. After his fifth shift in the factory, Theo finds an elevator that goes down to the Jolly Entertainment Underground Facility, which leads to Chapter 2.

Disappointing his boss, he now has two new jobs: Download data from the server of the Jolly Entertainment Underground Facility for him and to obtain the magnetic card to access the Cargo Hold (where Theo has detected the presence of an animatronic) by completing a five-day test as a security guard.

In the end, after surviving 5 nights against the animatronics, he accomplishes both of his missions gathering many information of what happened to the Jolly Entertainment Underground Facility and what happened to the employees working there, while also locating Springtrap in the Cargo Hold. He starts to inspect it, however, the building around him begins to collapse so he flees back into the elevator, only for it to collapse as well. It is unknown if Jack Carson is dead, or trapped down in the facility heavily injured.


  • Even after all the dangers he's been through, he still presses on until he completes his mission(s).
  • It was confirmed by Weshek in 2022, that Jack is 26 years old.
  • Jack's name was revealed in the JOLLY Discord in June 7th, 2022 by Weshek when being asked what is his favorite human character in the series.