The Investigator's Boss is a minor character that makes a brief appearance in Jolly 3: Chapter 2.

As his official title suggests, he is the boss/supervisor of The Protagonist who assigns The Protagonist with another mission to complete, during his investigation of The Jolly Entertainment Underground Facility.


Nothing is known about his past so it is left a mystery. All we currently know is that he is the boss and current head of, which investigates unsolved mysteries throughout the years, including the Missing Children Incident dating back to 1985.


Jolly 3: Chapter 2:

The Investigator's Boss makes a brief appearance during the introduction sequence, speaking directly to The Protagonist as the elevator descends into the facility. He instructs The Protagonist to collect and gather data from the servers of the facility to discover what occurred at this facility including what happened to all of its missing workers.

He is never seen or mentioned again after this scene.



We never see a physical model or body of The Investigator's Boss as only his voice is heard.


During his brief introduction to the player, the boss seems to be curious and serious as he always maintains a solemn and serious tone with The Protagonist and is curious what had happened at the facility. We also find out that he is incredibly mysterious and dark as he gives the player no formal introduction or states who he is so his identity is shrouded in mystery.

He seems to resemble the voice of a middle-aged man.


  • We find out that he works for which investigates many strange cases dating back to the Missing Children Incident in 1985.
  • He is voiced by HatMaster777 who has voiced many characters in the Jolly series. (E.g Kevin Johnson)