The House is a location in Jolly 3: Chapter 2 seen in the end of each night and in the Custom Night. It is the home of the Rusty Animatronics.


It's an house with one hallway, a window, a bathroom and a room that contains just desk with a PC on it.


Here the player has to decrypt 10 files at the end of every night (exept night 5) protecting himself by the rusty animatronics using the doors and his flashlight. At the end of the minigame, the player can listen the audio he acquires.

Audio Logs

After beating a minigame, the player may listen an audio log.

Intern Log 001.wav Ok, I'm just started working here and I'm already seen things at the other people aren't seeing. One time I just looking trough the cameras, and, each time I see an animatronic... Something just appears infront of me. Lokking back or looking at a camera that didn't have anything in it seem to make it go away, for a little while, at least. (Sigh) Why am I even doing this?.

Testing Log 001.wav Recording test subject number one. Today's subject to test is subject 01. Codename: Jolly. Beginning phase one of testing protocol. Activating subject in 3,2,1. (static sound). It has been three hours since the subject has been activated, and we have noticed that it stops moving when it's monitored by security cameras. Documenting results.

Testing Log 002.wav Beginning phase 2 of testing protocol. The purpose of this tape is to evaluate animatronics' fire accident Response system. The facility's temperature will be turned up in 3,2,1. (static sound). It has been three hours since the second phase has been initiated, and it seems that the subject is not following his traditional patterns when be monitored by our cameras. Documenting results.

Testing Log 003.wav Recording testing log 3. Today's subject to test is subject 02. Codename: Antonette. Beginning phase 1 of the testing protocol. Activating in 3,2... (confused elettronica sounds, including a distorted song). What the hell? (alarms, followed by an explosion sound).




  • The house has two or more levels, the stairwell downstairs can be seen at the left door