Hetty was one of the antagonists of the removed game Jollibee's. She is a decommissioned spaghetti mascot who was secretly part of a plan to put human conciseness into a animatronic body, dubbed the Soul Captivation Project, orchestrated by Kevin Johnson. During the games, Justin Smith, the night guard, was crushed inside Hetty's suit.

The Jollibee's animatronic of Hetty, with the mutilated corpse of Justin Smith, was going to return as a main antagonist in Jollibee: As Above, So Below, before its cancellation.

In Jollibee's Phase 2, a different Hetty animatronic from another unknown location appears as the titular antagonist.


Jollibee's incarnation

Hetty is an animatronic human girl with a big head with blonde hair in pigtails, with pink ribbons, meant to look like spaghetti, which doesn't due to possibly taking a longer time to model each strand. Her eyes are very small and far apart, and she has a large nose and mouth. She wears a pink, stripy skirt and dark pink shorts, as well as white socks and pink sneakers.

Unlike her real life counterpart, she lacks the first letter of her name and her name under the letter.

Jollibee: As Above, So Below

In Jollibee: As Above So Below, according to the unfinished model and additional information, Hetty's head is split open, revealing the mutilated corpse of Justin Smith within. She is missing both of her arms and her right leg as well. Throughout the game, Hetty would have endo legs and arm that replaces the old ones, and a saw blade on her right arm.

Phase 2 incarnation

Hetty's appearance looks similar to her design in Phase 1, but is slimmed down, looks a lot more like her real life counterpart, and has the letter H on her shirt.


See Hetty/History.

Lore Relevance


Hetty was originally on the same stage with Twirlie in Phase 1, and would perform with her. However, she suddenly stopped working properly and had to be placed in the Parts and Service room. On Night 5, in the canon Death Ending, the player has to go inside of Hetty to fix her, but Hetty says "You don't," in an ominous tone, followed with a giggle, and crushes the player inside, killing them. The death was possibly seen again in the VHS tape video, but not after a disturbing jumpscare from Hetty.

Jollibee: As Above, So Below

In the main story of the cancelled game, the Phase 1 incarnations of Hetty and Twirlie would've been sent back from the Jollibee's restaurant to the warehouse where she was built. Hetty's reasoning for being sent back was very obvious (because of the death of Justin Smith).

As stated in Hetty's concept document, revealed by Weshek on Gamejolt, Hetty had a major role in Jollibee: As Above, So Below. The game would have covered the story surrounding why Hetty was so different from the rest of the Jollibee's animatronics, saying that she had been possessed by a girl named Daniella in 2028 after she was accidentally decapitated in a car accident. Her friends abandoned her body and left her to rot. Hetty found Daniella's corpse shortly after and began to play with her. Daniella took possession of Hetty, and because her friends (who surivived the accident) abandoned her, she decided to take her anger out on the world, using Hetty as her new body.

Jollibee's Phase 2

In Phase 2's ending, the Phase 2 incarnation of Hetty is seen, where she is deactivated. After a computer voice says "Phase 2 will begin in 3, 2, 1...", Hetty jumpscares the player, with flashing lights revealing human-like eyes and teeth in place of her own animatronic eyes and teeth. It's possible that Kevin Johnson's brain was transferred into Hetty, as part of his plan, as she was used for the Soul Captivation Project. Also phase 2 Hetty is a different animatronic.

Custom Night

The higher Hetty's AI is, the less time you will have to send her back to her starting spot, and the faster she moves.

Endless Mode

Every minute survived in Endless Mode, the higher Hetty's AI is, and the harder and more tedious she is.

Final Appearance

Hetty appears in the ending of Jollibee's: Phase 2. After an archive of Kevin Johnson announcing his plan to transfer his soul into an animatronic is played, a mysterious man says "Don't worry, it's all in place.", then a robotic voice starts a countdown for Phase 2. Once it ends, Hetty does a jumpscare with human eyes and teeth, which means Kevin Johnson's plan was successful.


Description Audio
Hetty's Jumpscare Sound, shared with the other mascots

Warning loud

Hetty's Jumpscare Sound, shared with the other mascots in Phase 2

Warning loud

Hetty's Jumpscare Sound from Jollibee's: Phase 2 ending
Hetty's moving sound under table, shared with Jollibee and Twirlie in Phase 2
Plays when Hetty stops moving under table, shared with Jollibee and Twirlie in Phase 2
May be played when player direct your flashlight to Hetty, shared with other mascots in Phase 2
Plays when Hetty removes her hand from under the table, shared with Jollibee and Twirlie


  • Hetty's full name is Elizabeth 'Hetty Spaghetti' Antoinette.
    • This means that Hetty's real name is "Elizabeth", but she prefers to be called "Hetty".
    • It is unknown if her surname is in any way related to Antonette's name, but it could be a coincidence.
  • The two incarnations of Hetty from Jollibee's and Jollibee's: Phase 2 were confirmed by Weshek to be different animatronics, and not the same.
  • Like Jollibee, Hetty acts as the main antagonist of the game.
  • Hetty is the only animatronic with voice acting in Phase 1.
  • She always has her mouth open.
  • Her real life mascot has an H on her shirt, but in Phase 1, she doesn't have an H on her shirt. Phase 2 brings it back, however.
  • In the Jollibee: As Above, So Below, Hetty's face is split/ripped open, revealing her endoskeleton.
  • According to the "Jolly Good Horror" Video on Weshek's channel, her voice box is unstable, she hasn't been thoroughly washed, and her wearability is not ensured, explaining how Justin Smith died in her in the True Ending.
  • Hetty is the only animatronic that isn't shown to breathe in the Phase 2 minigames, as she never goes up to the player to do so. Instead, she stays back.
  • She also is the only character in Phase 2 to share a job mini game with another animatronic.
  • Hetty is the only animatronic that doesn't have her own minigame in Phase 1.
  • According to the Phone Guy on Night 1 before she became out of order, she was with Twirlie in Twirlie's Show Stage.
    • That also gives the speculation of the room formerly being named "Twirlie and Hetty's Show Stage", but nothing has been confirmed.
  • In Phase 2, Hetty has the same jumpscare animation as Jollibee, where she moves from afar and her head tilts to the right.
  • In real life, Hetty is Jollibee's girlfriend and Popo's twin sister.
    • Hetty's early design in real life featured her wearing pink overalls.
      • In VHS-11-10-17, a video posted by IvanG, there is a 2-second scene where Hetty's face will Appear in front of the screen with human teeth, and then it will show her laying down and covering her eyes. When this is happening, a man's cry and screams can be heard. This scene could be the Death Ending, where Justin Smith is screaming and moving as he dies inside Hetty.
  • Hetty's mechanic in the Driving Job of Phase 2 may be a reference to her mechanic in Phase 1.
  • Strangely, in Phase 1, her hands are very short compared to the other animatronics.