Were you looking for George from Jolly 2, or Withered George from Jolly 3?

George is one of the main antagonists that appear in Jolly that also attempts to kill the nightguard (Mikhail Schmidt) throughout Mikhail's week.

He was planned to make his 4-year return in Jollibee's: As Above So Below, before it was cancelled.


George appears to be a tall, humanoid animatronic cat. He is bright white with his stomach, muzzle and the rings around his eyes being in blue. He has two large tufts of white fur on each side of his head, which have blue cheeks on them, much like the toy animatronics from FNaF 2. He wears a black bowtie on his chest along with three black buttons underneath it. He also wears white shoes. Similar to the Funtime animatronics from Five Nights at Freddy's: Sister Location, his face is divided into four different segments/faceplates, which allows him to open up his face, revealing his endoskeleton, though it is not revealed in his jumpscare. He has freckles on his muzzle.


George will start at the Party Room 1, and will go into the air vents and will proceed to make his way to the player through the vents and eventually appearing in the window. If the player doesn't shut the door in time, he will jumpscare them, ending the night. When he leaves the window, he will make a metallic clanking sound, like the other animatronics in Jolly. His behavior is similar to Maxie, but he moves faster. 


Description Audio
George's jumpscare sound. This is shared with the rest of the animatronics in Jolly.

Warning: Loud


  • In Party Room 1, his jaw clips through his bowtie. This is also seen during his jumpscare.
  • In Party Room 1 and in Air Vent 1, his blue parts are more grayish in color. Either it was a modelling mistake, or the fact that the color on the cameras aren't accurate, since Phone Guy says that the cameras are really old.
  • George is the only character in the entire series to not be made by IvanG, as he was created by someone as a FNaF OC, until IvanG decided to use him for Jolly.
  • This is George's only counterpart to have shoes.
  • He, like the other animatronics from the first game, were currently destroyed as revealed at the end of the game, which explains why he, alongside the other animatronics, don't appear in LBM Shipments Inc Warehouse in Jollibee's: Phase 2.
  • Unlike his other counterparts, he doesn't have ears.

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