Normal Ending

After the fifth night, Mikhail Shmidt receive a paycheck of 300 dollars. After that, it's shown a cutscene from inside Jolly that seems to be in some kind of kitchen. After the custom night Mikhail Shmidt got fired for "No longer needed".

Technical Difficulties

Technical Difficulties is a file found in the 1st Jolly game known to be and confirmed by IvanG as a secret demo ending, or a cancelled ending in general.


There are two endings.

Bad Ending

That's unlocked by simply beating the sixth night, that shows Classic Jolly with bright eyes

Good Ending

Unlocked by completing the Classic Jolly death minigame, that shows the same image of Classic Jolly, but without the bright eyes.

JOLLY 3: Chapter 1

After beating Night 5, the investigator recieve a phone call from Theo, saying that they discovered an Underground Place below the Factory and the possibility to find an working animatronic down there, with Theo promising the Player that he will get Fame and Money from that.

JOLLY 3: Chapter 2

There are two endings. The bad ending, that's unlocked by simply completing night 5. In this ending, the investigator reach the Cargo Hold and find Springtrap. In the good ending, unlocked by beating all the minigames on the phone, it's shown the image of a young girl, Jolly and Antonette togheter. That reveals that the two people inside Jolly and Antonette are respectively Eric Liam Smith and his wife Tony, and that her daughter is Zoey, the girl killed by William at Freddy Fazbear's Pizza.


In Jollibee's there are are four endings:

Discovery Ending

Unlocked by skipping one of the assigned tasks at least once and reaching the parts and service room after completing the Night 5. There are some found tapes from a technician that apparently has been killed by Hetty.

Suspicion Ending

Unlocked by completing all assigned tasks and leaving the building on Night 5. The last cutscene will show the advertising of the Jollibee's Restaurant.

Slacker Ending

Unlocked by skipping every assigned task. The player's character, Justin Smith, will receive a paycheck and a pink slip for not doing the tasks the manager asked you to do.

True Ending

More information can be found here.

Jollibee's: Phase 2

There are currently three discovered endings in this game. Every ending is attested by a certificate on the main menu screen. It's unknown if there are other endings to be unlocked, but most likely there are.

Incompletion Certificate Ending

Unlocked by beating the game, but doesn't upgrade any systems nor buys anything from the shop. The omniscient voice informs the player that he has not yet obtained all the possible upgrade and everything else that the facility had to offer.

100% Completion Certificate Ending

Unlocked by beating the game, and buying every upgrade and everything in the shop. The omniscient voice congratulates the player for obtaining everything the facility had to offer, but he also announces that he's gonna be fired, hoping he'll regain the time he wasted.

Showing Off Certificate Ending

Unlocked by completing the game without any upgrades. The omniscient voice congratulates the player for completing the week without upgrades.

After the player is given one of these certificates, a cutscene begins.

The cutscene starts with an audio memo where Kevin Johnson announces the end of Phase 1 of the Soul Captivation project, in which had turned out great. Now, he also announces that he'll initiate the Phase 2 of that project, which will test the reliability of using an animatronic robot to perserve human life. He says that if this project works, his brain will be embedded to an endoskeleton skull. This means that Kevin Johnson will become an animatronic. He concludes with, "That is all. End of memo." 

A mysterious voice tells Kevin that it's all in place. The last cutscene shows someone with a robotic voice saying, "PHASE 2 will begin in 3.. 2.. 1." After that, Hetty activates and the screen cuts to black, signifying the end of the Jolly/Jollibee's series.


  • In VHS-11-10-17, a video posted by IvanG, there is a 2-second scene where Hetty's face will Appear in front of the screen with human teeth, and then it will show her laying down and covering her eyes. When this is happening, a man's cry and screams can be heard. This scene could be the Death Ending, where Justin Smith is screaming and moving as he dies inside Hetty.


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Jolly 2 Credits Music.



JOLLY 3: Chapter 1

JOLLY 3: Chapter 2


Jollibee's Phase 2

Jolly 4

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