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Classic Jolly is one of the main antagonists in Jolly 2. He is former used animatronic during the 1980’s, along with Classic George at the original Jolly's location. After the closure of Freddy Fazbear’s Pizza, he, and the other animatronics, were sent via ship to a safer location for health inspection reasons.

He is a Springlock animatronic, meaning they can function as both animatronic and costumes, but once Eric Liam Smith tried to wear the suit and got inside to hide from the police, the mechanisms of the Springlocks started to malfunction, which causes it to crush Eric from the inside as he starts to bleed, making it his remarkable grave.


Classic Jolly looks strikingly similar to the Red Fantasy Jolly Prototype from the first game, with a few different details such as yellow stripes, white gloves, black buttons and a fabric-like appearance, making his appearance look more bright and saturated. He also has normal eyes and black, metal sphere joints on his limbs.

If one looks closely on his head, especially on his Cargo Area 1 render, he appears to have no endoskeleton, although this could just simply be a modeling error.


See Classic Jolly/History.


Description Audio
Classic Jolly's jumpscare sound. This is shared with the rest of the Cargo animatronics in Jolly 2.


  • Classic Jolly is the only animatronic in their respective teaser to have him hunched over facing the middle. He's also the only one who has the words 'Legends always return' as each space instead having every word have a space between each other on the bottom.
  • Classic Jolly is the least active animatronic.
  • Classic Jolly is the only animatronic that appears in the 2nd Class Hallway.
  • He has the longest jumpscare animation out of all the animatronics in Jolly 2.
    • He also has the shortest jumpscare animation in Jolly, being only 4 frames long. Those 4 frames are repeated multiple times to make the flash effect.
  • A cutout of Classic Jolly the one from Jolly 2 can be seen in the office of Jolly 3: Chapter 1. He also appears to be doing a similar pose to the Fantasy Tweetie cutout from the first game's office.
  • Classic jolly was in the original JOLLY loaction with Classic George.