Camera Monitor is a mechanic featured in the Jolly series, its purpose is to help the player see where certain animatronics are.

Jolly 1

Tweetie about to ride the elevator downwards.

The camera Monitor In Jolly 1 appears to be attached to the wall, much like FNaF 3. Using it, you can look at the camera feeds around the restaurant. It also displays the floor you're looking on, the room names, and the Building Power percentage. Viewing camera 14 allows you to move the elevator between floors. Camera 11 shows the Metalionette tied to wires. When wires break, visiting this camera allows you to fix them remotely. Cameras 15 and 16 are vent cameras near Maxie's and George's show stages. These can be remotely sealed to slow their progress to your office. The monitor and vent sealings do use up power, though.

Jolly 2

The Camera When Activated.

The Camera Static (Also When Glitching).

George crawling through the air vent.

Jolly 2's Camera Monitor isn't so much a monitor, but rather, a giant CRT T.V. from the 80s. It allows you to look around the cargo ship. It also displays the in-game date and time. There is a lightning bolt button which will send a shock to the room you are looking at, stunning any animatronics there. However, it only works if there aren't any leaks coming out of the pipes along the back wall of yout office.

Jolly 3

The monitor being flipped up and down.

The maintenance panel in Jolly 3 has many functions. Other than viewing the building's security cameras, it displays a little meter with 8 segments representing how active a specific fan is at any given time. If a fan goes out, that specific meter will be empty, with the "Repair Fan" button illuminated above it. Clicking it will fix the fan, returning the oxygen supply and your vision to normal.

Withered George going through the north hallway.

The maintenance screen has a oxygen supply meter, a gas supply meter, and another map of the building. When a fan breaks, the map tuns red and shimmers with a box saying "Visual Error" while the oxygen supply also turns red as it starts decreasing. The gas systems can be repaired by clicking "repair" when it malfunctions. However, repairing it without it broken can help against random malfunctions. The "Refill" button refills the supply when it is less than full.

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